Erin Whalen, Class of 2013

Sep 12, 2013
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Erin WhalenI am studying at the University of Texas, where I received my BBA in 2001, majoring in marketing. Since then, I’ve worked in the renewable energy industry and the disaster restoration industry.

"After being on Shark Tank, I needed to hone my quantitative skills"

What I enjoyed most during my career was starting two successful companies. My last company, Grease Monkey Wipes, became an overnight success when my business partner and I pitched it on ABC’s Shark Tank. With that success came the realization that an MBA was a necessity to get to the next level. Knowing that I eventually wanted to be a consultant and use my past experiences to help others, I decided that getting my MBA would allow me to strengthen my core business skills, learn current ways of thinking about business, and meet a great network of people.

Why I Chose a Full-Time MBA Program

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