5 Reasons to Study in Korea for Your MBA

Jul 15, 2014
Tags: B-School, Choosing the Right School

Mija Yoon, KAISTSubmitted by Mija Yoon, director of the Admission & Placement Center at KAIST College of Business (KAIST MBA), in Seoul, Korea.

In recent decades, Korea has experienced rapid growth and the economy has remained strong for a long time. Education is the foundation and one of the important factors enabling a high level of economic growth. Since education is greatly emphasized, there are excellent academic programs for students seeking an MBA in Korea.


Here are 5 reasons why you might consider studying in Korea: 

  1. Business in Asia is booming. According to the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index in 2013 by Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness, the continued shift to Asia is unquestionable. Asia will continue to hold 10 of the top 15 most competitive nations over the next five years. Asia business is spotlighted and global MBA students need to learn about it, so what better place to experience this is than Korea.
  2. Korea is on the cutting edge of technology. Korea is the most advanced country in the world for media and technology, and MBA students in Korea have a unique opportunity to learn how Korea was able to make these leaps in technology.
  3. Be at the center of Asian business. Because Korea is located between China and Japan, studying there will help you understand global business worldwide, especially Asia business. For example, KAIST MBA offers the CKJ (China, Korean & Japan) Program in which students can study, analyze, and find innovative solutions on various business cases of these major 3 nations. 
  4. Prepare for global business challenges. Students pursuing an MBA in Korea will be prepared for successful careers in business both in Asia and globally. Programs are challenging with the goals of taking an international perspective and promoting Asian ethics and cultures.
  5. Gain balanced view of East and West business cultures. MBA programs in Korea strive to help students become well-rounded business professionals capable of managing with a balanced view of the East and the West in a globalized business environment.

If you are interested in Asia and in getting an MBA, I strongly recommend that you study in Korea.