Never Taken a Business Course? Four Reasons Not to Fear the GMAT

Dec 16, 2014
Tags: B-School, GMAT, GMAT Prep

Carrie KellySubmitted by Carrie Kelly, the Director of Operations, Graduate & Executive Programs at the Goodman School of Business at Brock University.

As the most widely accepted test for business school admissions, the GMAT is an important part of your MBA application. So what does it mean if you’ve never taken a single business course? It means that you’ve got exactly the same chance of doing well on the GMAT as a business school grad.

Surprised? Don’t be. The GMAT exam isn’t a test of business knowledge; it is a test of skill and critical thinking. Everything you need to be successful can be gained by some strategic test prep. So if you are stressing out, remember all the things about the GMAT that work in your favor.

1. You are in control. Study until you're ready to take the test.

Forget the stress of university, with the semesters that pass quickly and the exam that is always on the worst possible day. With the GMAT, you are in control. Even if you have a deadline in mind for applying to b-school, you set your test date and you decide on your study plan. So whether you start prepping two weeks before the test or two years before, you get to make the call as to when you are ready for the test. 

2. You are going to do well on at least half the test.

Don’t forget that, depending on your undergraduate major, you may already have a natural ability to score better in the verbal section than the quantitative section (or vice versa). Use that to your advantage to plan your studying appropriately and give yourself an extra boost of confidence during the practice tests. 

3. The GMAT is not trying to trick you.

The point of the GMAT isn’t to trick you into getting a low score; the test is engineered to showcase to admission committees your skills in everything from analyzing data to evaluating arguments. And it is your skills that will get you that high score. So think of the GMAT as an opportunity to showcase the skills that will help you be successful in your MBA. It’s definitely a test that you can conquer! 

4. There are an incredible number of resources available to help you study.

From courses to prep books to practice tests, you’ve got about a hundred different ways to prep for the GMAT. Take advantage of as many resources as you need to and figure out a study plan that works for you. In no time, you’ll be ready to succeed on the test!