Ask Schools What They Think About Integrated Reasoning (Live Twitter Chat)

May 7, 2012
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Tweeting Admissions Advice for Prospective Students On April 17, 2012, GMAC (@OfficialGMAT), Oli Ashby (@LBS_Masters) Senior Manager for Recruitment and Admissions at London Business School and Diane A. Sharp (@WHARTON_EMBA) Director, Marketing & Associate Director, Admissions from Wharton Business School took questions from students regarding the admissions process, next generation GMAT Exam and more. 

@OfficialGMAT: Welcome to this special edition of #MBAChat! #mbachat If you have a question remember to add #MBAChat to your tweets so everyone can participate. #mbachat They will be taking your questions about what the Next Gen GMAT exam means for admissions. #mbachat Today we are talking with @Wharton_EMBA and @LBS_Masters about the Next Gen GMAT exam! #mbachat

@LBS_Masters: Hello to everyone joining the #mbachat for the New Generation GMAT I'm Oli Ashby, Senior Manager for Recruitment & Admissions at LBS 

@WHARTON_EMBA: Thanks for joining us today. #mbachat 

Questions Begin: #MBAChat: I want to know how much weight does B Schools such as Wharton or LBS will give to IR once the next gen GMAT starts? #mbachat 

@WHARTON_EMBA: No specific weight, it'll be part of the overall assessment #mbachat

@LBS_MASTERS: The GMAT as a whole is really important for LBS. We look at the test holistically so the IR will be considered as part #mbachat

#MBAChat: How will B-Schools compare 2 applicants with and without integrated reasoning score? #mbachat 

@WHARTON_EMBA: Each applicant's total package and skill set will be considered w/out preference to version taken. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: How much weight will be given to the IR score, it will be normal as other section or something else. #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: It will be considered as part of the holistic score but no specific weight #mbachat

@WHARTON_EMBA: No specific weight, it's an indicator of the applicant’s ability of that skill set #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Have B Schools been consulted before the exam format change? About its necessity? skills to test etc...? #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: YES- we were involved in its inception and throughout the process #mbachat

@OfficialGMAT: Great question! We surveyed #bschools worldwide about how skills required in #bschool have changed... #mbachat The IR section tests skills identified in the survey #mbachat

@Wharton_EMBA: Wharton felt included in GMAC's process and feels good about the new format & what it tests #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Heard the new IR section will weigh as much as the essay section on Gmat & for bschools. True of False? #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: Can't really compare. Essays looking for other things such as cultural 'fit' #mbachat

  @LBS_Masters: Ignore last tweet. We will look at both AWA and IR as part of wider GMAT score report #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Will this IR be considered in the application? Suppose someone scores 720 but scores badly in IR...while the other scores 650 with a good score in IR, who will get the preference #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: We look at all areas but with no particular weighting. Also other areas of application #mbachat 

WHARTON_EMBA: @officialgmat Ad Com would assess these two applicants uniquely & holistically - incl transcript, recs, work exp & background #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: How will IR score factor into Admission decision? Say for the IR sore of 1 per question? Does having an IR score on the score card reflects better or worse compared to a score card with essay scores? #MBAchat 

@LBS_Masters: We will be looking for a report with AWA and IR #mbachat 

@Wharton_EMBA: It's not a question of better or worse. We accept both equally and look at qualifications holistically #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Is the IR section going to make the GMAT harder, or stay relatively the same? Also, do applicants with old test have an advantage? #MBAchat 

@WHARTON_EMBA: Depends on individuals' strengths (writing v. IR). Neither version would have an advantage in our view. #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: what is the one most important advice can you give about taking the new GMAT? #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: Pace yourself and give plenty of time to study! Take a practice test, GMATPrep comes with two and is free #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: Advice would be to prepare as much as possible, use prep centres or practice books if needed #mbachat 

@Wharton_EMBA: Give yourself plenty of time, don't wait till last minute, simulate full practice tests #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: @ OfficialGMAT Are there any long term plans to increase the weight - in terms of duration and nb of questions - of the IR section? #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: Current plan is for IR to remain 12 questions, 30 minutes. Score scale will also remain the same #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: How much of a difference will the new IR section make to foreign students ? 

@LBS_Masters: Won't make any difference. 90% of applicants are non-UK and will be the same for everyone #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Is the IR section replacing any pre-existing section of GMAT or is it another sprinkle of salt on open wound. #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: The AWA will be shortened to one essay prompt instead of two #mbachat

#MBACHAT: How will students be expected to use IR skills in the classroom? #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: The classroom is demanding and students need to be able to cope with multiple sources of information so IR is perfect #mbachat 

@Wharton_EMBA: The IR section approximates Bschool curriculum in that all subjects are integrated to resolve real world issues #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: is there any possibility to get into top Bschools w/o work experience, provided that u get the required gmat score #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: Unfortunately not the MBA but you can apply to the MiM #mbachat

  @Wharton_EMBA: Avg 10yrs work (incl @WhartonSF) FT MBA avg 4 yrs, strong score not a sub for work experience #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: So does it implies that AWA format is also changed ?? i.e. the purpose of 2 essays are now achieved thru 1 #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: Analysis of an Argument will remain, but Analysis of an Issue will be dropped. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Out of 12 questions, can more than one be based on same case study or graphical analysis ? 

@OfficialGMAT: In the 12 questions, there could be multiple answer opportunities from one prompt, similar to RC #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Why was it necessary to add the IR section into the GMAT?#mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: We surveyed #bschools worldwide about skills necessary to succeed in a grad #bschool program #mbachat 

@LBS_Masters: B School curriculum evolves every year so it’s important for the GMAT to evolve with it #mbachat 

@WHARTON_EMBA: The IR section approximates Bschool curriculum. Subjects are integrated to resolve real issues #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: So will the weight of the IR Section be important since now? @mbachat 

@LBS_MASTERS: We will take it into consideration as soon as we receive applications showing IR scores #mbachat 

@WHARTON_EMBA: It's an indicator of a skill set that the applicant has, but no specific weight in terms of the whole app #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: As Post Work Visa are not allowed now, what scope do we have after MBA to work in UK and how will Bschool helps us. #mbachat 

@LBS_MASTERS: Still perfectly possible to work in the UK. Post MBA employers are visa sponsors in many cases #mbachat 70% of LBS students remain in the UK to work post-MBA #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Can the range of questions per analysis be shared ? Like that in RC ? 

@OfficialGMAT: It varies per question. Check out GMATPrep for sample IR questions. #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Ok, so will this IR be subjective or objective ? #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: Download GMATPrep at for free to see sample questions #mbachat IR questions are multiple choice #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: The IR questions being limited so far.. how will students prepare for them #mbachat

@OfficialGMAT: You can download GMATPrep for free sample questions and practice tests, and the OG 13 has 50 IR q's #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Is one and a half years of work experience enough to apply for an MBA? #mbachat 

@LBS_MASTERS: For LBS you need a minimum of 2 years at point of programme entry #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Can we get any Mentors from Schools participating, to help us later for School related queries quickly #mbachat 

@OfficialGMAT: We do a monthly #mbachat with admissions officers. Join us 2nd Weds of every month. We take all q's! #mbachat 

  #MBACHAT: Will it be a grade system or a score system? 

@OfficialGMAT: The IR score will be 1-8, whole numbers only #mbachat 

  @OfficialGMAT: Join us the 2nd Weds of every month at 1 pm US ET for more #mbachat Thank you all for joining us at #mbachat As a thank-you for joining us, take 10% off the NEW Premium GMAT Study Collection #mbachat Use code twir at checkout #mbachat 

  @LBS_Masters: Thanks very much for all your questions #mbachat 

@Wharton_EMBA: Thanks for joining us, GMAT remains important at Wharton (FT & Exec Programs) #mbachat 

  @OfficialGMAT: This #mbachat is part of our Next Gen GMAT virtual event. #mbachat Be sure to check out our event page for more opportunities to learn about the Next Gen GMAT and win prizes #mbachat