Twitter Chat with Tami Fassinger from Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

Aug 9, 2012
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Admissions Expert from Vanderbilt Graduate School of ManagementTweeting Admissions Advice for Prospective Students On the second Wednesday of each month we give schools and prospective students an opportunity to connect using our #MBACHAT Twitter Chat. For one hour GMAC (@OfficialGMAT) and Tami Fassinger (@VanderbiltOwen), Chief Recruiting Officer at Vanderbilt University took questions from students regarding the admissions process, GMAT exam and more. 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Welcome to #MBAChat!  #MBAChat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Today we are talking with Tami Fassinger, Chief Recruiting Officer @VanderbiltOwen! #mbachat 

 @OFFICIALGMAT: She will be taking your questions about #MBA admissions and #GMAT strategies. #MBAchat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Hello from Vanderbilt! #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: If you have a question remember to add #MBAChat to your tweets so everyone can participate.   #MBAChat 

#MBACHAT: RT @OfficialGMAT: Vanderbilt has a full-time staff member interview every #MBA applicant. Why is this important? #MBAchat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Vanderbilt's culture is close-knit & unique, so we want to meet everyone. Also, our employers expect fantastic verbal abilities... #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: we vet everyone.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT Building on "fantastic verbal abilities" does that mean simply a good command of the English language, or something else? #mbachat

@VANDERBILTOWEN: It really means being compelling in whatever language, which for us means English. Business leaders must be compelling... #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: a second language, your English doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be understandable, and compelling.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT What are the top three qualities of the Vanderbilt management philosopy? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Collaborate and we all win. Work harder than expected, and make other people look good. (1/2) #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: (2/2) Lead with great ideas & check your ego at the door.  #mbachat

#MBACHAT: How have the changes in the GMAT impacted Vanderbilt? #mbachat

@VANDERBILTOWEN: The GMAT's security is important so we're fair to all applicants. The IR score is a helpful new data point... #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: In business, so measured in GMAT IR, synthesizing and discerning what's critical from what's noise matters.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OfficialGMAT Why do you recommend #MBA candidates look at the Vanderbilt Human Capital Management program? #MBAchat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Amazing faculty. Companies competing so our HOP students all have jobs early. Why? 1/2 #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: In HOP, we learn that without great alignment of people, great processes fail. A strategic edge is a critical skill in the c-suite. #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Ability to articulate a passion in business and tell your story.  #mbachat

#MBACHAT: I am currently doing my third year of engineering. what would be the best period of time to give the gmat test  #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Your scores are valid for five years #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: At the end of your senior year, your test-taking skills and your raw math skills will be most current.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  @VanderbiltOwen what's d % of international students who get jobs??? #MBAchat

 @VANDERBILTOWEN: @chiragm89 It varies every year. Half of our international students are sponsored and half are seeking. Almost all get internships. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  can i go for #gmat if my score is below 3cgpa  #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: There are no cGPA requirements for taking the GMAT exam #mbachat

@VANDERBILTOWEN: A really strong GMAT can balance a lower GPA, but that GPA may factor into scholarship decisions.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: is work experience necessary to get an mba admission or a good gmat score will suffice.  #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: A solid application is a balance of all the app requirements. Less work experience means academics must be stellar. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  What is the last date for applying to Vanderbilt for the session 2013-2014? #mbachat 

 @VANDERBILTOWEN: The last date to apply ensuring we still have seats and scholarship dollars is March 5. But we accept apps at any time.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  What are the best tips for preparing for the GMAT? #mbachat

@VANDERBILTOWEN: For GMAT prep, use Official Guide to GMAT Review, GMATFocus, and practice, practice, practice.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: If I register to write in December when is th result going to be released? #MBAchat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: You will see your unofficial score when you complete the exam. Your official score takes up to 20 business days #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: You will walk out with your unofficial score report. I invite you to scan/email it to Vanderbilt.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OfficialGMAT Ok great. Thanks. #MBAchat 

#MBACHAT: 2 years experience with HSBC,Major: Finance.GMAT :680. Cant afford MBA.Any chance with loan or do i give up?country: Bangladesh #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  Without a full app, I can only speculate. But applying to schools where your GMAT exceeds the average is a good start. #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: From FB: Is it possible for a student to be eligible for your MBA course who has 15 years of education? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Yes, a person with 15 years of education may still apply. Your goals with an MBA are what matter most to determine fit.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: Also what is the average score in GMAT needed for someone having 7 years work exp in IT? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: A competitive GMAT for Vanderbilt is above 680, but the balance of all app requirements tells the full story. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT: Do students from non-typical backgrounds such as journalism need to have higher quant scores to balance their #MBA applications?  

#MBAchat @VANDERBILTOWEN: A high quant score can serve as proof of aptitude for numbers even if you don't have an academic quant background.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT: So how can a student improve his odds of a good quant score? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Math is a test of recency & prep. Practice problems until you can answer them quickly. Don't run out of time in the real test. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT: How do you treat verbal #GMAT scores from international applicants? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: We look at the combo of verbal, TOEFL and the required interview for evidence of strong verbal skills. But for ESL... #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: ...we don't expect perfection, but do expect that you can articulate ideas in a compelling way.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT:  @OFFICIALGMAT: If a student took the #GMAT exam without #IR do you recommend he retake with IR? #mbachat 

@VanderbiltOwen: Your original GMAT is good for 5 yrs, but for extra proof of decision-making skill, a strong IR score helps #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT: From FB: its really hard for me because coming from a third world country and not being able to afford it...its frustating. #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Vanderbilt has aggressive scholarship dollars for well-qualified candidates, so I encourage you to pursue your MBA. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: what is the minimum experience one shuld have with 650 to 680 score and average profile for good bschool #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: A typical range of work experience for Vanderbilt MBAs is about five years, showing real job growth. #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: If those scores are below a school's average, I'd suggest applying with progressive experience above the average. #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: @OFFICIALGMAT: How does a school quantify work experience? Is a job with a "brand name" company better than an unknown company? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: A brand name serves as a seal of approval from a trusted employer. But, great progression, large projects and people management... #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: a less-known organization is equally attractive.  #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: I'm curious aboutt this: is it better 2 have worked at one company for five years, or multiple companies with increasing roles? #mbachat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: We want to see real job growth, which could be at one company, or something that justifies a move. Just don't job-hop #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: I am 37 years old. Am I too old for an mba?Pros an cons 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Not at all. I'd discuss whether our executive MBA program is a better fit (are you staying in same career path?) #mbachat 

#MBACHAT: #mbachat How much score in IR is good ? 

@OFFICIALGMAT: You can see our latest percentile ranking here:  #mbachat

#MBACHAT:  #mbachat when do i start my application process if i want to apply for fall 2013 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: We're accepting new applications starting Sept. 1. Our early action deadline is Oct. 2. See #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Thank you all for joining us at  #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Next month we will be chatting with @dartmouth at 1 pm US ET. #mbachat

@OFFICIALGMAT: Join us the 2nd Weds of every month for more #MBAChat  #MBAChat 

@VANDERBILTOWEN: Good-bye future MBAs and business leaders! #mbachat 

@OFFICIALGMAT: Have more #MBA admissions questions? Register for GMATCH, the @OfficialGMAT virtual MBA fair.  Registration opens next week!  #MBAchat