Do schools care how recently a GMAT exam was taken when evaluating candidates?

Aug 30, 2011
Tags: Admissions Committees, Admissions Requirements, GMAT, MBA, School Selection

Written by Cristina M. Raecke, Director of Recruiting and Admissions, Graduate Business Programs, University of Miami School of Business Administration

The University of Miami requires full-time MBA applicants to have taken the GMAT within the last five years; therefore the test date is built into the evaluation model.  The more recently a candidate has taken the GMAT, the more accurately the admissions team can evaluate the strength of the applicant’s current quantitative and verbal skills.

Candidates who have not taken the GMAT recently can also demonstrate the strength of their quantitative and verbal skills through their GMAT scores, however, the university will also evaluate current quantitative and verbal/interpersonal skills based on the candidate’s professional endeavors and through an interview. 

It is important to note that regardless of when the GMAT is taken, the GMAT is only one tool that the University of Miami Graduate Business Programs office uses to determine how academically and personally successful an applicant will be in its MBA program.  The University of Miami takes a holistic approach in determining admission by also closely evaluating the quality of work experience, academic achievements, leadership skills, letters of recommendation, and the performance in an admission interview.