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What are the most important qualities schools look for in an MBA candidate?

Oct 1, 2013
Tags: Admissions Process

Passion for a school and program is an important quality to possess when applying to business school.
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Can I Pursue a Career in Europe After My MBA?

Sep 10, 2013
Tags: Choosing the Right School, School Selection

Consider a few factors when looking for a career in a different country after your MBA.
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How Much Relevant Work Experience Do I Need to Gain Admission and Get the Most out of the MBA?

Aug 30, 2013
Tags: Admissions Process, Work Experience

When applying for an MBA, "relevant" work experience is not absolutely necessary.
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Camaro SS Versus the MBA SS-Which Has More Power?

Aug 20, 2013
Tags: Admissions Committees, B-School, MBA

Soft skills are important when choosing your MBA program.
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