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Using the MBA as the Best Military Transition Tool Available

Apr 24, 2014
Tags: B-School, Career

I am often asked, “Why did you choose the MBA after 10 years as an officer in the Marine Corps?” I believe that most veterans can agree that there is concern among us about how transferable our military occupational specialty (MOS) is to the civilian workforce.
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Build Your MBA Network Before Business School

Apr 8, 2014
Tags: Admissions Process, Applications

You should build relationships all the time, not just when you are actively seeking a job or internship. Cultivating your MBA network before you submit your applications can help you strengthen your MBA candidacy and improve your MBA internship and job prospects.
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Be Unforgettable: Putting the CAPP in Your First Impression

Mar 27, 2014
Tags: Admissions Process, B-School

You only have one chance to make a first impression. For those going through the b-school admissions process, make sure yours is unforgettable.
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Five Things to Do When You're Waitlisted

Mar 18, 2014
Tags: Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements, Applications

So, getting on the waitlist wasn’t the news you had hoped for. Please know that the admissions committees at the top schools have an incredibly competitive applicant pools and have to make some very difficult decisions.
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