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How to Get Accepted to a Competitive Master in Finance

Nov 9, 2017
Tags: Admissions Process, Applications, Choosing the Right School, Masters of Finance

When competing against the best students in the world, the challenge of standing out, often extends beyond being a smart student with an excellent academic profile.
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How to Explain a Job Gap in Your MBA Application

Oct 9, 2017
Tags: Admissions Process, Applications, MBA, School Selection, Work Experience

Have a job gap in your resume? Don't leave the admissions committee guessing.
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How to Answer the Application Question: "Is There Anything Else You Want Us to Know?"

Sep 25, 2017
Tags: Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements, Applications

Tips for answering the application question: Is there anything else you want us to know?
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Three Tips for Your Best MBA Interview

Jun 20, 2017
Tags: Admissions Committees, Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements

What makes a candidate stand out at an interview? The answer is simple: Good preparation.
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