Meet Current Military Students and Alumni

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You're following in the footsteps of some accomplished military veterans who have been through the MBA admissions process. Discover how they're doing in school and beyond.


Sophie Hilaire, US Army, MBA Class of 2017

My long-term goal has always been to make a difference in business, and getting my MBA will assist me in honing skills necessary in my transition from soldier to civilian.

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Adam Slepian, US Army, MBA Class of 2015

When I decided to leave the military and head back to school, I completely expected to continually challenge myself.  

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Ben Faw, US Army, MBA Class of 2014

You never know how powerful the shared bond of service will be until you start reaching out to other veterans.

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Wayne Robinson, US Army, MBA Class of 2013

While my time in the military sharpened my leadership abilities and equipped me with risk management skills, qualities I knew made me an asset, my transition to civilian life was not without roadblocks.

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Thomas Kidd, US Marine Corps, MBA Class of 2013

Combining my business background with my Marine experience paid dividends in the non-profit world. 

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Marty Swafford, US Navy, MBA Class of 2013

The focus and drive I developed in the military combined with a graduate business education is hard to duplicate.

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Jason Defoor, US Army, MBA Class of 2013

I chose to pursue an MBA as a way to transition my career from military to business. 

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