Military Candidates

Earning an MBA is a smart way to advance your career. The technical, business, and managerial skills you will gain in a graduate business program are the perfect complement to the leadership and problem-solving skills you developed while serving in the military. In fact, the skills gained in the military make veterans and current military personnel attractive candidates during the admissions process.

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Watch the Video: Whether you are a veteran or still on active duty, numerous schools and MBA programs welcome applicants with military backgrounds.

Get Started and Position Yourself for Success

Life in the military is challenging, but transitioning after service can be the toughest challenge of all. Download the Operation MBA Military Planner to set your course on a career in business. 

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Find Schools that Value Your Experience

Discover the opportunities and services schools offer to attract and support veterans and their families.

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Finance Your Degree

Financing a graduate business degree as a military veteran does not dramatically differ from the process that civilians go through, except that there are some additional resources available.

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Meet Current Military Students and Alumni

Meet graduate business students from a wide range of military backgrounds who are taking their leadership skills into the world of business.

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Organizations Serving Military Students

Explore how military student organizations can help you gain admission to a graduate program, find resources to finance your degree, or connect with other veterans transitioning out of the armed forces.

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Official GMAT Military Blog

Current students, alumni, and schools share their perspectives, stories and tips for success in the business school classroom and beyond.

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