Dealing with Change

Here are five ways to manage the transition into graduate business school.

  1. Determine cost of living

    If you are relocating to a new area, get information from school admissions staff on the local cost of living. They can also tell you the best places to look for housing if you want to live near other married students or students with children. 

  2. Check out housing

    Few business schools offer on-campus room and board. If you plan to attend a school far from home, plan a trip to find a place to live. Your school’s admissions staff can recommend the best time to look for housing. 

  3. Talk with your family

    Your decision to attend graduate business school impacts those closest to you. Sit down and talk with your family to make sure everyone supports your decision to pursue a degree and understands how their lifestyle will change:

    • You will be very busy, with little free time.
    • You are likely to have less money to spend.
    • You will need to complete homework assignments, so you may be unavailable to your family even when you are home.

  4. Look up school-sponsored organization for spouses or family

    Some schools offer support organizations for students with families, and they can be really valuable in assisting with housing and other issues. You will develop a new network of friends in school, and it will be really helpful for your family to have a new network, too. 

  5. Help your spouse or partner find a job

    If you are relocating and your spouse plans to continue working, your school’s placement advisors can often offer suggestions on local search firms, temporary agencies, and other resources. Your spouse or partner might even want to consider an on-campus job, as most schools have active temporary employment offices.