Financing Your Degree

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Financing your graduate business degree is often a key factor in your enrollment decision. Let’s face it, a graduate education is not cheap, but you do have options.

Exploring How to Pay for Business School

Few things in life have a greater payoff than an investment in education. Our new interactive tool will help you plan your financial strategy for business school.

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Four Alternative Ways to Pay for Business School

There are many alternative ways to pay for business school that won’t leave you in long-term debt. This e-guide provides four recommendations that you may not have considered in your initial research.

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Five Steps to Getting Your Finances in Order

One of the most important things you should do as you prepare for business school is to get your finances in order. We walk you through five easy steps to get you started.

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Five Tips for Applying for Financial Aid

There is no common overall financial aid application process across regions or countries and the financial aid application deadlines vary from school to school.

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Explore These Five Financial Aid Options

As you start the financial aid research process, it is important to understand your options. We explain the five types available for business school students here.

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Federal Loans

If you need to borrow money for business school, consider applying for federal loans first as they typically have the best interest rates.

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Private Loans

Though private loans may be more difficult to get, they are still worth investigating. Learn more about private loans and your options.

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Campus-Based Loans

Though availability varies from school to school, campus-based loans usually offer favorable terms and conditions.

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Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans

As a federal loan program with favorable terms and conditions, Stafford Loans often make up the foundation of a student’s financial aid portfolio.

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Federal Grad PLUS

Federal Grad PLUS loans are used by many graduate and professional students to supplement other financial aid, including Stafford Loans.

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Federal Consolidation

Consolidation loans allow you to lock in interest rates and move your loans to one place, though they are not as popular (or available) as they used to be.

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10 Tips About Financial Aid Award Letters

When choosing a school, the financial aid award letters may play an important part in your enrollment decision. Here’s how to decipher them.

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Your Guide to Student Loan Terminology

You may encounter many new terms when applying for student loans; our guide will help you understand what they all mean.

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