Two-Year Full-Time MBA Programs

Two-year MBA programs are ideal for both career switchers and career enhancers.


  • Programs usually last four semesters, which are spread out over two academic years
  • There is a three- or four-month break for an internship
  • Core course requirements are generally completed during the first year; sometimes one or two courses may carry over to the second year
  • Functional specialization, a specific concentration of study and/or elective courses round out the second year 
  • Students often relocate to attend these programs 

Did you know? Global companies sometimes send employees for a total immersion experience in countries that represent an important business market. Consulting firms and investment banks may require employees to earn a master's degree before they can be promoted. 


  • Course work can be customized through electives and concentrations
  • A wide variety of academic backgrounds are accepted
  • Student collaboration is encouraged 
  • Internships offer a chance to learn and practice new skills, enhance your résumé, and line up post-graduate employment
  • Students have time to participate in local business and alumni events and expand your network
  • Students have access to career services, social and professional clubs, speaker series, career counseling, and other "campus life" activities 


  • Students should have well-defined career goals, as  a lack of career focus can limit the value of  what you gain from networking opportunities
  • Students must be able to afford spending two years out of the workforce