Meet Students: The Value of Internships

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An internship expands your portfolio of work experience, the one thing that employers seek in potential MBA hires. Discover from students what you can expect.

Richard Battle-Baxter

An Internship Can Confirm Your Career Path

Hear from student video blogger Richard Battle-Baxter on how his internship confirmed that marketing in the tech space was a better fit than brand management.

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JJ Perino

What to Expect During Your Internship

Graduate business interns are expected to apply their business school skill set across functions and groups, as our student video blogger JJ Perrino learned.

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Erin Whalen

The Value of an MBA Internship for Career Switchers

Hear from one student video blogger who used an internship during her full-time MBA program to try a completely different career path.

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Matt Rowenczak

Finding an Internship that Meets Your Goals

Matt Rowenczak, MBA candidate at the University of Georgia, advises to take advantage of personality assessments as a way to secure the right internship.

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