Specialized Business Master's Programs

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Specialized Master’s programs are ideal for careers that require an in-depth background in specific fields like accounting, finance, or marketing.

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Interactive Quiz: Should I Do a General or Specialized Master’s?

You’ve decided a postgraduate degree is the best step to achieve your professional goals, but what’s the best path to success—a general or specialized master’s?

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Interactive Quiz: Which Business Master’s Degree Should I Do?

With an almost endless list of business master degrees to choose from it can seem overwhelming when faced with deciding on which one to pursue.

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Specialized Master's Programs

A variety of career choices are associated with Specialized Master's programs.

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Master of Science in Management

A Master of Science in Management degree focuses on key business functions, such as accounting, marketing, and supply chain management.

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Why a Master in Management? Hear from Students

A Master's in Management is ideal for anyone moving from a technical role into a managerial career. Hear how the degree is helping Arabdha and Raghav, two students at the IE School of Business.

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Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management graduates play a strategic role overseeing the business processes that affect the profitability of their enterprise or corporation.

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Master of Science in Data Analytics

Master of Science in Data Analytics programs position students to master cutting-edge data analytic skills using sophisticated software tools, sought-after knowledge that will prepare you for new career opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Master of Accountancy

A Master of Accountancy degree is well suited for those interested in an accounting career with a private, multinational or non-profit company.

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Master of Science in Finance

A Master of Science in Finance degree prepares students for a career in the corporate world or the public sector, with research institutions and non-profit organizations.

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Master of Science in Marketing

A Master of Science in Marketing provides students with an understanding of the tools and concepts needed for a successful marketing career.

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Public Policy and Public Affairs Programs

Public Policy and Public Affairs programs focus on the management of people, systems, and budgets, ideal training for those pursuing a career in the public sector.

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Masters Degree in Human Resources

In today’s competitive job market, HR professionals need a master's degree in Human Resource Management to have successful careers in positions such as human resource director, placement manager, labor relations manager, international resource manager and benefits manager.

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Business Programs for Entrepreneurs

The odds of succeeding as an entrepreneur can be steep, but a graduate business education teaches the skills that help entrepreneurs make sound decisions and avoid expensive mistakes.

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Choosing Between an MBA and a Specialized Master’s Program

In this video, you’ll hear why a former nurse decided to pursue a Master in Accounting degree – and how her career plans have changed based on that decision.

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MBA or Specialized Business Master’s? Which Degree Is Right for You?

An Assistant Dean of Masters Programs offers her insights into why you might want to choose a specialized master’s program over an MBA.

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Lisa Bevill

How Do I Decide Between an MBA and a Master of Finance?

What should you consider when deciding between an MBA and a Master of Finance degree? Admissions experts offer their insights.

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