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Are you curious about the benefits of a graduate business degree in a variety of industries? This section allows you to dig deeper in the worlds of recent business school grads. You’ll not only learn what they do, but you’ll gain valuable advice for both your career and choosing a graduate school program.

Moneef portrait

Moneef Barakat from First Solar

Read about Moneef's engineering background and how his MBA supplemented his skill set to enhance his career.

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Johannes portrait

Johannes Nass from The Boston Consulting Group

Read about Johannes' experience working for BCG and the skills he thinks are particularly important in his job.

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Mengting Gao

Mengting Gao from Kitchen Stories

Read about Mengting's aspirations to become an entrepreneur and her decision to get a master's degree first.

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Cynthia Herrera Cárdenas from BNP Paribas

Read about Cynthia's experiences in different roles within the banking sector and learn how business school helped her to get where she is today.

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Alexandre Matoso from Samsung SDS

Read about Alexandre's choice to get his MBA in order to broaden his education and experience.

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Lorilea Zabadal from Richemont

Read about Lorilea's experience in business school and how she used her education to further her career.

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Ayla Haddenhorst from Ernst & Young

Read about Ayla's motivation to get a Master in Management degree and how she went from a science background to consulting with a focus on the insurance and banking sectors.

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Gulchekhra Bakeberg

Gulchekhra Bakeberg from PUMA

Read about Gulchekhra's role as Sr. HR Business Partner at PUMA and hear what her greatest takeaway from business school was.

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Francesca Lopez

Francesca Lopez from Ernst & Young

Read about Francesca's career at Ernst & Young and what inspired her to pursue a career in financial services.

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Tara Priya

Tara Priya from FLO

Read about Tara's decision to pursue a Master's degree and start her own company.

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Shilpi Bhatia

Shilpi Bhatia from the India Ministry of Finance

Read about Shilpi's decision to pursue her business education, and how she plans to apply what she learned in her career.

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Adolfo Fernandez from Google

Read about Adolfo's decision to pursue his business education, and how he applies what he learned in his current role at Google.

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Riccardo Ocleppo from

Read about Riccardo's business education, what he gained from his degree, and what it has meant for his career.

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