Give Your Career a Boost with an MBA

Are you eager for a successful and satisfying career?

More than a decade of research conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the global nonprofit council of business schools and creator of the GMAT exam, reveals two truths – business school graduates are highly employable and credit their degrees for the opportunity to advance in their careers.

Value of MBA 2014

Why an MBA? Below are five reasons why a graduate business degree is a good idea for you.

Reason 1: A graduate business degree can boost your career

Nearly 3 in 4 alumni (71%) from the class of 2014 said they could not have obtained their job without the skills, knowledge, and abilities attained through their graduate management education. [1]

  • 92% gave their degree credit for leadership preparation; 88% for career preparation, 87% for faster career advancement, and 86% for increased earnings potential.
  • 92% attribute their graduate education with developing their quantitative skills.
  • 89% said business school helped them develop a professional network.

Reason 2: A graduate business education is valuable

More than 9 in 10 alumni from the class of 2014 rate the value of their graduate management degree as outstanding, excellent, or good, and the vast majority (95%) would recommend a graduate management education to others.

Reason 3: A graduate business degree opens the door to jobs

Eighty-five percent of class of 2014 alumni were employed as of October 2014, which includes 3% who identified themselves as entrepreneurs/self-employed. These employed alumni found jobs across a wide range of industries, notably in traditional sectors that attract b-school grads— products and services (20%), consulting (17%), and finance and accounting (16%). But alumni secured jobs in “non-traditional” job sectors, as well, including technology (16%), health care (10%), nonprofit and government, and manufacturing (8% each).

The most common industries by citizenship for class of 2014 alumni are:

  • Asia-Pacific: Consulting (26%), finance and accounting (26%)
  • India: Technology (28%), consulting (25%)
  • Africa/Middle East: Products and services (39%), technology (17%)
  • Europe: Consulting (32%), products and services (21%)
  • Canada: Consulting (33%), finance and accounting (22%)
  • United States: Products and services (19%), finance and accounting (16%)

Reason 4: A graduate business degree brings multiple rewards

A majority of class of 2014 alumni agree their graduate management education was rewarding professionally (92%), personally (88%), and financially (66%).

“Before pursuing my MBA, my career had stalled. My employer was aware of my studies, which resulted in me being promoted three times in the past three years. My salary has almost doubled since beginning the MBA program. My level of responsibility within the company has also increased tremendously.”

Reason 5: Demand for business school talent is strong

Eighty percent of employers surveyed in 2014 said they planned to hire MBA graduates this year, up from 73% of employers in 2013. Compared with 2013, more companies also planned to hire recent business master’s candidates in 2014. [2]

[1] GMAC. 2014. Class of 2014 Alumni Poll data.
[2] GMAC. 2014. Corporate Recruiters Survey.