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What’s important to you in a program? What should you consider when evaluating schools? Learn which elements of a school or program to take into consideration during the evaluation process, along with tips and advice from admissions directors, faculty, and students just like you.

User's Guide to Full-Time MBA Rankings

What goes into the methodologies of the five major business school rankings, distinctive aspects of each, and other useful ranking information.

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Students listening

Interactive Quiz: Should I Change Universities for My Master's Degree?

Changing universities for a master’s degree provides you with a new experience and can broaden your network but staying at your current institution can have some advantages as well.

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Susan Cates

How Do I Find the Best School For Me?

Nothing compares to personally visiting a school to get a sense of the culture, but it’s still helpful to get advice from students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

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Why Accreditation Matters

Accreditation is a symbol of excellence recognized worldwide by students, educators, and employers. 

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Review the Curriculum and Registration Process

A graduate business school’s curriculum and registration process will provide a solid understanding of that program’s approach to education.

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Consider Faculty and Teaching Methods

Graduate business programs tend to emphasize either research productivity or teaching quality, which will determine faculty make-up and your academic experience.

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Talk to Admissions Staff

For the best information about a school’s programs, curriculum, faculty, learning environment, campus services, and student body, turn to their admissions staff.

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Seek Advice From Colleagues, Students, and Alumni

Learn more about specific schools and earning a graduate business degree by talking to human resources staff and industry professionals, as well as colleagues.

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Mariel Furlong

Consider a School's Alumni Network

While location, cost, and reputation are important, hear why recent graduate Mariel Furlong considers the alumni network even more valuable during and after business school.

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Rate School Rankings

School rankings might give you a quick snapshot of a program, but as they vary in methodology and quality, they are not the best way to evaluate a school.

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