Business School and Diversity

Graduate business schools have made diversity a priority for a simple reason: A diverse class enriches the academic experience for everyone.

Schools actively look for candidates from a variety of racial, ethnic, socio-economic, academic and professional backgrounds who may be at different points in their careers. Unlike most undergraduate programs, students in graduate business programs often learn as much from each other as from their faculty. In the New School Business way, variety really is the spice of (academic) life. Graduate schools offer a wide variety of career tracks, so you're sure to find a path that fits your specific goals.

In this section, we’ll explore the many options and benefits that business schools offer to unique, real people like you.

Diverse Candidates

If you want an exciting career that will take you places, earning a graduate business degree is a smart choice and excellent first step toward building a career you will love. Whether you are curious about the types of graduate business degrees available, taking the GMAT exam, building a support network, or handling the financial cost, read on. The old, rigid rules and politics are gone. This is New School Business: a world of opportunity that's unique and diverse, just like you.

  • New school business student

    New School Business: Own Your Education

    The world of business has evolved and so have today’s MBA programs.
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  • New school business student

    Unique Careers, Real People

    Today’s business schools offer a variety of career track opportunities that focus on your unique identity and goals.
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  • Business Schools Want You

    Business schools are continually working to make a graduate management education accessible for everyone, especially diverse candidates.
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  • Five Quick Study Tips for GMAT Preparation

    The GMAT exam requires significant test preparation, and your results are important, but don’t let it intimidate you.
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  • Four Tips to Building a Strong Support Network

    A strong support network will help you navigate the application and evaluation process, and choose a career path.
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  • The Cost of Business School and Your Financial Aid Options

    The potential cost of business school is enough to make anyone think twice, but you have financial aid options.
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  • Diversity Organizations

    Diversity organizations offer a wide variety of programs and information for prospective graduate business students related to financial aid, internship, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
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  • Diversity Programs

    Many programs are available to provide internship and other opportunities to aid diverse candidates.
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    Graduate business schools are establishing outreach, advocacy, support, and safety programs to meet the needs of the LGBTQ community.
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Women Candidates

For the third year in a row, women now command more than 40 percent of the prospective students considering graduate business school. In this section, you’ll discover more about the strong connection between women, graduate business school, and outstanding careers.

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    Educating women about the GMAT exam and business careers.

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  • Five Ways Women Benefit From a Graduate Business Degree

    Women are increasingly recognizing – and enjoying – the benefits of earning a graduate business degree.
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  • Women, Business School, and Career Advancement

    Women are attending business schools around the world in record numbers. Find out why – and how a graduate business degree is helping their careers – in this infographic.
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  • Meet Accomplished Graduates

    Curious as to what your post-MBA career will look like? Here is a snapshot of six women and their careers to date.
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  • Valuable Organizations for Women in Business

    Learn more about three organizations that help women achieve their academic and professional goals.
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  • Women Gaining Career Momentum

    Women are using graduate management degrees to jump-start their careers – faster than men.
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  • Judy O'Neill

    Ask the Expert: Judy O'Neill on Advice for Women Seeking an MBA Today

    The time is right for Women to pursue their MBA and make significant contributions to their organizations.
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