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The admissions team has a big job. They must fill a limited number of spaces by making the best selections from a large pool of applicants. There’s no magic formula that will guarantee admission to graduate business school, but the advice and tips in this section will help you assemble a strong application.

Letters of Recommendation Made Easier

The Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR) simplifies the letter of recommendation process.

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Discover Who's Applying

No matter where in the world you go, graduate business programs are popular. Competition is increasing and the pool of applicants is becoming more diverse.

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How to Decide Where to Apply

Choosing schools to apply to is an engaging process with so many possibilities! Follow our tips to put together a solid list of graduate business schools that are ideal for you.

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Your Business School Application Timeline and Checklist

Ensure your application is complete – and that you give yourself enough time to move through the process – with our timeline and checklist.

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Assemble Your Application

Review the six key areas of an application and get tips on how to develop a strong application that reflects who you are.

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Consider Your Academic Record

To ensure you are a good fit academically, graduate business schools will carefully consider your academic skills and undergraduate record.

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Eight Tips for Showcasing Your Skills, Activities, and Experience

Want to be sure your application stands out? Our seven tips will help you put your best foot forward throughout the admissions process.

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Gary Linblad

Business School Application Mistakes to Avoid

From the basic (spelling mistakes) to the rushed (using the wrong school name), learn what mistakes to avoid in your business school application.

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