Market Yourself Like a Pro

Market the “entire you” to a school’s admissions officer.

Graduate business schools expect applicants to share their top achievements. Here are our quick tips to ensure you showcase your achievements and market yourself like a pro:

1. Explain the Long-Term Value of Your Graduate Business Degree: Business schools want to help their students develop the skills necessary for a successful career. Explain how a graduate business degree will further your career goals.

2. Discuss Your Skills: Proudly and confidently discuss your skills and accomplishments whenever relevant, be it in essays, interviews, and follow-up correspondence.

3. Stress Benefits : Smart marketers always stress benefits to their customers, so be sure to stress how your experience and skills will benefit their program and your classmates.

4. Stay Upbeat: If there are any inconsistencies or problem areas in your academic and/or professional background, talk about what you learned from the experience and how it will not negatively affect your future.

5. Be Honest: Do not lie on your resume, in your essay, or anywhere else in your application – you will destroy trust and credibility. Instead, be honest and forthright.