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You and Business

Having a career in business doesn’t only mean making it big on Wall Street. Business is everywhere – it touches most careers, including the one that’s right for YOU. Even if you’ve never thought about what you want to do after college, you can start exploring potential career paths just by considering your interests, skills, values, and personality. Whatever you come up with, chances are that business is central to it. 

Let’s explore this a bit more:

Love to socialize? Maybe meeting and event planning is the career for you. To make a flawless event come together, you need solid sales, marketing, and management skills.

Want to give back? Nonprofits are always looking for people to help ensure that fundraising efforts are on track and that donations are being spent wisely to achieve their mission – it takes a person with a mind for finance and accounting to help nonprofits reach these goals. 

Are you the creative type? Can you see yourself helping companies create innovative marketing campaigns? To develop the best campaigns, you’ll need to know the latest trends in advertising and marketing. 

Want to be your own boss? Maybe launch your own company? Investors want to see that you can run your own profit and loss statement and that you know something about marketing and inventory management.

Like crunching numbers? Maybe you want to look into one of the fastest growing careers: Data Analyst. People in this position help companies in finance, market research, and retail decide how to better market to their customers.

Love technology? You can work with an established technology company or team up with a brand new start-up in Silicon Valley. From obtaining and managing Venture Capital funding to analyzing your growing customer base, technology companies need business savvy people to help them grow.

Roadmap to Grad B-School

No matter the shape your career in business takes, earning a graduate business degree is a must for taking your career as far as it can go. With an MBA or specialized master’s degree, you’ll gain knowledge that allows you to access exciting opportunities, earn a higher salary, and create an expansive network of business professionals. 

Choosing to get your graduate business degree is a big decision, with many factors to consider. Similar to your career choices, the paths to a graduate business education are diverse – it’s important that you chart a path that makes sense to you.

Create your own roadmap with these tips for each year of undergrad.

Financing Your Degree

Finances shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing your degree. That’s why we created this guide providing many alternative ways to pay for school that won’t leave you in long-term debt.  This e-guide provides recommendations that you may not have considered in your initial research.  Be creative and use a combination of these sources – including leveraging test scores, crowdfunding, co-op programs, and scholarships. Access this free guide to review these ideas and to kick-start your plans of going to business school!

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Please send me the latest information about management education, tests, events, products, and other offers from GMAC and its subsidiaries.

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