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Federal Grad PLUS

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Federal Grad PLUS is another form of financial aid used by professional and graduate students. 

Federal Grad Plus loans provide an alternative to private education loans for students who need additional funding. Features include: 

  • Fixed interest rate of 5.41 percent through direct lending
  • Fixed interest rate of 6.41 percent through the Department of Education’s Direct Loan program
  • No grace period
  • Six-month deferment period following school
  • Deferment, forbearance, and multiple repayment options available
  • Requires completion of the FAFSA
  • Annual maximum is cost of attending (COA) less other aid, including Stafford Loans
  • No aggregate maximum
  • The borrower must be “credit ready”; if not, the borrower must secure an endorser
  • Interest is tax-deductible for most students

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