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Three Tips for an Outstanding Essay

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Your application essay is a unique opportunity to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Because many programs require at least one essay as part of the application, seize the opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Just follow our advice on how to write an outstanding essay:

1. Explain Why You Are a Good Fit: In your essay, help admissions understand why you are a particularly good fit for their program. Talk about:

  • How your interests align with the focus or curriculum of the school
  • How your skills and experience will benefit your cohort and the program as a whole
  • Why you are interested in a particular course of study
  • How the program is relevant to your post-graduate business degree career plans

2. Showcase Your Accomplishments: Because your experience is a critical component of your graduate business classwork and experience, be sure to showcase your accomplishments, both at work and via community organizations. Talk about:

  • Your leadership role and the initiatives you took
  • The results you delivered or achieved
  • How your particular skill set made a difference
  • Any inconsistencies in your background and lessons learned 

3. Discuss Why You Want a Graduate Business Degree: Admissions committees look for graduate business candidates who are focused and self-aware, so discuss why you want a graduate business degree and what you want to get out of a particular program. Talk about:

  • What particular skills you hope to gain and which ones you’d like to strengthen – and why
  • How you’d like to further develop your leadership skills
  • How your background and work and life experiences will enrich your classmates’ experience
  • What role the degree will play in positioning you for long-term career success

When it comes to writing your application essay, see it as an opportunity to market yourself to potential schools. Always be honest and forthright – in your essay, resume, and everywhere else on your application – in sharing your skills, accomplishments, and experiences to communicate the best possible version of yourself to admissions staff.