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Who better to offer GMAT preparation advice than current students who took the exam and are now well on their way to success—in the classroom and in their careers. From our video bloggers, the message is clear: The GMAT exam may have seemed intimidating at first, but by developing a study plan and sticking with it, you'll get the score you want.

How I Tackled the GMAT Exam in Just Three Months

Nondini Chakrabarti shares her keys to success: keep a schedule, monitor your progress, and stay positive.

My GMAT Experience

For Armen Henderson, perseverance paid off. Balancing GMAT prep with medical school resulted in a highly disciplined approach to study time.

Preparing for the GMAT Exam with Limited Quant Experience

The GMAT exam seemed like a real challenge to Finnbar Cornwall at first, but if you put effort into it, you'll be OK.

Achieving the Score You Want on the GMAT Exam

For Nick Quan, maintaining focus and diligence will result in the score you want. He advises to take it twice if you need to and not to get discouraged. 

Retaking the GMAT Exam

Tayo Jackson took the GMAT twice and believes that schools are happy to see you take the initiative to improve your scores.

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