Employers Show the Love for B-School Grads

Dec 2, 2013
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Download FREE GMATPrepOverwhelmingly, graduates attributed graduate business school for developing their skills set, expanding their network, and preparing them for the job market.

Note: Although the 90% employment rate reported by class of 2013 alumni in a September poll was down just slightly from the 92% of class of 2012 alumni with jobs in September 2012, it is an improvement over the employment levels seen five years ago (84%).

The job picture for recent class of 2013 alumni was holding steady across world regions, with 95% of US poll respondents employed, 92% of Latin Americans, 87% of Indians, 85% of those from Asia-Pacific countries, and 82% of Europeans.

Employment Rate for New Business School Alumni

Alumni Employment Status by Type of Program/Degree

  • 92% of full-time two-year MBA alumni were employed at the time of the alumni poll—the highest level since the class of 2009.
  • Four out of five (82%) full-time one-year MBA alumni were employed, a slightly lower rate than 2012 (89%), but an increase compared with each of the three years prior.
  • Class of 2013 alumni from professional MBA programs (executive, part-time, online) reported the highest employment rate (95%). This is not surprising, given that these alumni typically work while enrolled in their program and remain with the current employer upon graduation.
  • The jobs rate for non-MBA business master’s degree holders, who tend to have less job experience than MBA graduates, was lower than prior years—76% of class of 2013 alumni had jobs after graduation compared with 84% of last year’s class.

Where the Jobs Are

No matter what type of graduate business degree recent alumni earned—be it an MBA or a specialized master’s—they were landing jobs across a broad swath of the economy in numerous industry sectors, with the majority (57%) employed in the products and services, finance and accounting, and consulting fields. Globally, more b-school alumni found technology sector jobs in 2013 (15%), compared with 12% five years ago.

Entrepreneurship Promising for Class of 2013 Job Creators

Many of you who may be contemplating a career as an entrepreneur will be heartened to know that recent graduates this year are making their mark as job creators. Although just 5% of the class of 2013 reported their job status as self-employed business owners (similar to previous years), the majority of these alumni (69%) said they have two employees, on average, and more than three-quarters (78%) of them expect to hire a median of three new employees in the next 12 months. The most common industries for these business entrepreneurs are consulting (27%), technology, and products and services (each 23%).

Skills Match Employer Needs

The vast majority of the class of 2013 alumni agreed their education helped them develop the very skills that corporate recruiters have said are essential for b-school grads to successfully navigate the job interview and hiring process.

  • Development of qualitative skills (95%), preparation for leadership positions (92%), and advanced quantitative skills (92%) were the top educational outcomes that employed alumni cited.
  • Key educational outcomes that self-employed alumni reported include development of qualitative skills, learning to work in an international business environment, and increased earning power.

Value of Management Education Remains High

  • Nearly all class of 2013 alumni (96%) rate the value of their graduate management degree as outstanding, excellent, or good, similar to last year’s class.
  • Half (50%) of this year’s alumni class said the professional rewards from earning their degree factored the most in their overall assessment of the value of the graduate management education, nearly double their assessment of the financial (26%) or personal (24%) rewards from earning their degrees.
  • The vast majority of class of 2013 alumni (96%) said they would recommend their programs to others.
Now that we’ve given you plenty of data-driven reasons why a graduate management degree bodes well for your future career, please take time to listen to some current b-school students and recent alumni talk about their own personal journeys through b-school. You’re sure to gain valuable career advice and useful insights about what to expect in your graduate business program.