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The Official Guide for GMAT® Review Series, Digital Talking Books

The Official Guide for GMAT® Review Series, Digital Talking Books

Now it’s easier than ever for you to prep for the GMAT® exam!

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As part of our continuing commitment to creating access to graduate management education, we’re thrilled to introduce Digital Talking Books for:

  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 13th Edition
  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition
  • The Official Guide for GMAT® Verbal Review, 2nd Edition

Note: There is no refund policy for digital products.

Our Official Guide and Supplements are the first high-stakes test-prep materials made accessible to test takers with visual impairments and reading-based disabilities using the cutting-edge MathSpeak technology. MathSpeak optimizes your learning experience by reading complex quantitative material aloud and offering verbal descriptions of diagrams and equations.

We worked with gh, LLC, an assistive technology company, to deliver the Official Guide series with gh’s Readhear player, which provides a high-quality end user experience. The ReadHear player has been recently licensed by Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

From the start, we also worked with the National Center for Accessible Media and other organizations to facilitate user testing and ensure that these groundbreaking products meet real user needs. NCAM developed the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) guidelines for describing images.

The Official Guide series Digital Talking Books are available—for the same price as the printed guides—upon request to test takers with accommodations needs.

For more information about registering as a test taker with accomodations and the testing experience, please click here.

*Purchase or use of these materials does not qualify as disability documentation under ADA requirements or influence testing accommodations decisions. For more information, please click here. Also, please note, the player is not designed or intended to mirror the GMAT testing interface.