Graduate Management Search Service (GMASS)

The GMASS service is your connection to more than 500 global programs. You are given the option to sign up for GMASS when you create an account on, when you register for the GMAT exam or when you modify your communication preferences in your profile. 

Your Information and How We Use It

When you choose to sign up for GMASS, we require the following information: your name, email, gender, telephone number, date of birth, address, country of citizenship, ethnicity (US only) and planned date of enrollment. You have the option to provide the following information: languages spoken and information about your background and career aspirations (this may include current educational status, undergraduate institution, undergraduate grade point average, undergraduate major and date of graduation, level of education, work experience and graduate management degree preferences). 

When you have consented to participate in GMASS, we include the information you have provided in the GMASS service along with the date and broad score band of your most recent GMAT exam. This is a 20 point band in which your overall test score falls, such as ‘681-700’ or ‘701-720.’  Participating schools, scholarship organizations, financial aid providers and our strategic partners from around the world (“participating programs”) can access any of these categories of information to help their recruitment and contact you about their programs, offerings, or to invite you to participate in studies. Click here for a list of participating programs. 

Schools only receive your actual score if you authorized them to receive it when you registered for the GMAT exam. You don’t need to sign up for GMASS to share your actual score with a school. Please review our privacy statement for more information regarding our privacy practices and if you have questions, contact

Who can access GMASS?

Participating programs that agree to the GMASS Terms of Use can access the GMASS service. Participating programs must comply with our requirements, applicable law, include their contact information, and allow you to change or withdraw your communication preferences.

Your Communication Preferences; Data Transfers

You can change your communication preferences regarding GMASS or unsubscribe from GMASS by logging into your account or by contacting GMAC Customer Care. Please contact individual GMASS participating programs to unsubscribe from their communications. 

Information collected by GMAC (or its test service providers) will be transferred to GMAC or Pearson VUE depending on where you entered the information as directed by GMAC. By participating in the GMASS service, you authorize the transfer of your personal information to GMAC and its service providers, including Pearson VUE, located in the United States and other locations for the purposes described above. You also authorize the access to your information in the GMASS service by participating programs that may be located outside of your home country. You understand that the United States and/or the destination country mentioned above my not provide for a level of data protection that is equivalent to the one in your home country.