Program Recommendations

What is the “My Recommendations” page on my account?

The “My Recommendations” page is a service that provides you with personalized business program recommendations. We developed this service to help you find, evaluate, and connect with schools and programs that could be a good fit for you and you may not have previously considered. Your customized recommendations page is based in part on your most recent GMAT exam performance and provides you with a list of programs for consideration.

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Why has GMAC created this service?

We believe there is a school for everyone, and we want to help connect you with the best-fit program for you. 

School and program selection is a two-way process between you and the schools. For you, it’s not about applying to the best ranked school, it’s about considering future career function and industry, class size, program location, and cultural fit. For schools, it’s not solely about admitting prospective applicants with the highest GMAT scores, they’re also looking for work experience, drive, passion, communication skills, and cultural fit. 

You are looking to find and evaluate schools and programs that align with your individual experience and aspirations. We believe there is an opportunity, using data and analytics, to help you identify the programs that will support your goals. 


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How does this help me?

There are three primary benefits to you: 

1. Find new programs. You can find and explore schools and programs that you may not have considered as part of your research. We compare your GMAT performance, score sending patterns, and study preferences with peers that are “similar to you” and provide a list of up to 10 highly personalized programs that could be a good fit. 

2. Send score reports. At the click of a button, you can send your GMAT scores to any of your recommended programs and save them to your School Search profile.  

3. Compare your performance. You can analyze how you performed on your most recent GMAT exam by comparing your GMAT score to all test-taker scores sent in the last three years to the programs that you selected.

This service is exclusively available to GMAT test takers and just one of the reasons why the GMAT is the preferred exam for business schools and helps you stand out during the admissions process. 

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How do I interpret the table under “How Did You Perform”?

This section provides information on how your scores compare for programs you’ve selected to receive your score report. Your percentile table shows how your score compares to all the scores sent to the programs you selected in the last three years. The percentile column tells you what percentage of score senders scored below you for each program. An example using one of your programs is provided on your page and a more generalized example is given below.


Let’s say you sent your GMAT score to the GMAC University MBA Program. Among all the GMAT scores sent to GMAC University MBA Program in the last three years, your score was in the 67th percentile. This means that 67 percent of all other test takers who sent scores to GMAC University MBA Program in the last three years had a lower score than you.

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How does GMAC determine the “Programs You May Be Interested In”?

Our algorithm finds test takers “similar to you” based on:

Your profile
Program preferences, including type of program, geography, intended major, industry, etc. 
Your GMAT scores
Global GMAT score-sending trends

Once the algorithm identifies test takers with similar preferences and interests to you, it recommends up to 10 business programs that could be a good fit for you. These programs are identified as a good fit based on your preferences, and the preferences of those like you, and where your GMAT score may help you stand out. The algorithm does not use any potentially sensitive information (e.g., age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.). It is based purely on data and mathematics and is not designed to specifically target or exclude a certain set of programs as the recommended outcomes.

Disclaimer: Please note that GMAC is not engaged in providing admissions counseling or advice and does not guarantee the accuracy and/or relevance of the information and recommendations provided.

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How and when are the programs on my list updated?

You will receive a list of recommended programs each time you take the GMAT exam and send at least one score report to a program as part of that exam.

If you previously took the GMAT exam and were recommended programs, the previous list will be replaced with a new recommendations list shortly after your most recent GMAT exam score becomes reportable. You won’t be able to look at past recommendations’ lists once a new list appears on your “My Recommendations” page.

If you update your account profile between GMAT exam appointments, your personalized recommendations will not be updated to reflect those changes. Any changes to your account profile will be taken into account for your next list of recommended programs.

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I don’t see the “My Recommendations” page. Where can I find it?

Log into your account and navigate to your profile page. Located underneath your “Past GMAT Exams” section is a series of buttons. If a recommendations page has been created for you, there will be a button that says, “Unlock My Recommendations.” Click on that button and you will be routed to your personalized page.

If no button appears, there may be several reasons:

1. During your most recent GMAT exam, you did not select any programs before your exam to send free score reports to. Remember, you can send up to five free score reports with each exam you take. 
2. Your most recent GMAT exam has not become reportable and your score reports have not been sent. Please allow up to one week for your page to be created and the button to appear.
3. Your most recent GMAT exam was completed before this service was added. If you decide to take the GMAT again, and send at least one initial score report, recommendations will be created for you. 

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Do I have to pay to access the “My Recommendations” page?

No. This service is included as part of your GMAT exam experience and is provided at no additional cost beyond the exam fee. Any subsequent score reports that you send as a result of your personalized list are subject to the standard fee and follow the standard score report ordering and payment processes.

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One of the programs I sent a score report to doesn’t appear on the table under “How Did You Perform?” Why is that?

If you sent an initial score report to a program and you don’t see a percentile for it, or don’t see it in your table at all, that means that the program has not received more than 250 GMAT scores over the course of the last three years and we are unable to display a percentile for you at this time.

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I already sent an additional score report to a program that was listed under “Programs You May Be Interested In.” Why was I recommended that program?

In rare cases, you may see a program listed that you already selected to receive a score report. This may happen for two reasons:

1. The additional score report you sent to that program is associated with a prior GMAT exam appointment.
2. You sent an additional score report to that program after completing your exam, but before you received your recommendations. This can be attributed to the timing for when scores become reportable in our system and when score reports are sent.

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Can I see how my GMAT score compares to other test takers for my list of recommended programs?

Percentile rankings are only displayed for programs that you send your score to as part of your GMAT exam. Our algorithm considers your profile, study and location preferences, and your relative competitiveness when generating your list of recommended programs.

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Do schools pay you to promote their programs?

No. The schools recommended via this service are based solely on our in-house algorithm. Schools cannot pay GMAC to promote their programs here or to be featured on your recommendations’ list.

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Who can I contact for further assistance?

Please contact our customer care team at if you have additional questions.

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