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Highlight International Experience On Your Resume

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In this global economy, employers look for international experience.

Whether you choose to earn your entire graduate business degree abroad or opt to spend a semester studying as part of an exchange program, your international experience will instantly set you apart and make you more attractive to employers.

Here are six reasons why it’s a smart idea to include your international experience on your resume:

  1. During the job search process, you can stress how the skills you’ve gained will benefit the organization and add value to your role.
  2. Thanks to globalization, many companies look for international experience as they expand overseas operations, enter new markets, or develop international partnerships.
  3. With a strong understanding of cultural and business norms, you will be more effective in developing global solutions to universal problems.
  4. If you develop and lead a project while overseas, you will demonstrate that you are able to bridge cultural differences to deliver desired results.
  5. Studying abroad will strengthen your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills, all of which are important in the workplace.
  6. Students who study abroad are viewed as independent, self-reliant, adaptable, open-minded, patient and tolerant.