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A Global MBA Program Is Your Path to an Excellent Adventure

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When deciding on an MBA program, consider the opportunity to gain global business experience.

Michael Langley is Associate Director, MBA Admissions & Corporate Outreach, The University of Arizona, Eller College of Management. 

Even though its popularity has waned a bit in recent years, the MBA still remains the most sought-after graduate business degree throughout the country, by both students and employers. Because of this demand, we've seen an exponential increase of various part-time and online options worldwide. With all these choices, how does an MBA applicant decide which program is the best fit? 

Your motivations to pursue an MBA may be similar to others (higher salary, leadership advancement, starting a new career, etc.), but it’s also helpful to look for individual characteristics of a program that may differentiate it from other quality competition.

One aspect of an MBA program to consider is the opportunity to gain global business experience. At the Eller College of Management, each of our students goes on a journey—both literally and figuratively—during their academic progression in the program. In addition to the skills they acquire, our students can take advantage of a Global Business Experience (GBE) that influences their worldview and impacts their perspective on business.

Recently, some of our MBA students traveled to Dubai for their GBE. Robin Singer, an Executive MBA graduate, described what the GBE meant to her cohort:

  • Real-time ROI: “On the business side, I believe we are all still absorbing what we saw and felt about this country whose economic growth plans have challenged the very principles of supply and demand with a ‘if we build it, they will come’ philosophy.”
  • Challenge the Status Quo: “By creating exclusivity and unparalleled service, the Emiratis believe they will create demand where none existed before."
  • Cultural Immersion: “Dubai is a fascinating study for MBA students, both from a business and a cultural perspective. Culturally, the city of Dubai brings a wealth of history and culture to a venue of brand new architectural concepts and luxurious tourism. Although it looks brand new, it feels rich in history, and we have much to learn from its uniquely diverse population.”

As the traditional workplace has seen a shift over the years due to various factors (e.g. renewed emphasis on work-life balance, increased agility spawned from technology, enhanced global interconnectivity), the opportunity to incorporate diverse thinking gives MBA students a competitive advantage.

That is why many b-schools work diligently to attract the most diverse cohorts possible. It strengthens lifelong bonds created by students during their studies, adds value to the MBA experience, and improves career prospects. During your search for the right program, consider an MBA program that equips its graduates with skills and diverse thinking that will prepare them for tomorrow's challenges with this global mindset. The goal is simple: To create a tangible and sustainable impact for future business leaders, like you, on a path to an excellent MBA adventure.