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School Expert Q&A: Great Lakes Institute of Management

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Get answers to your questions about graduate management education from admissions professionals across the globe.

Dr. T.N. Swaminathan, director, Branding, PR & Alumni Relations and professor of Marketing, helps answer questions about getting a PGDM at Great Lakes Institute of Management

About the School

  • Name of the School: Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Name of the Program: PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • School Location: Dr. Bala V. Balachandar Campus, East Coast Road, Manamai Village, ThirukazhukundramTaluk, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu - 603102
  • Year School Started: 2004
  • Global Ranking: No
Admission Criteria
  • GMAT Score: There is no minimum score. Applications are shortlisted based on the overall profile of the candidate.
  • Work Experience Requirement: Fresher or a maximum of 24-month work experience
  • English Proficiency Requirement: A TOEFL/IELTS score is required only for non-Indian students who did not have English as the primary language of instruction during their undergraduate studies.
  • Letters of Recommendations: Two recommendations are required. We prefer professional recommendations because they are more relevant in terms of judging your professional capabilities. However, we also accept academic recommendations if it is from a senior faculty from your college. Freshers can submit academic recommendations alone.
  • Interview/Group Discussion: Yes. Shortlisted applicants are called for a separate GD/PI process.
  • Others: WAT (Essay on a specific topic) is also a part of the selection.
Application Process
  • How does one apply for the programme? Visit the website www.greatlakes.edu.in and fill in the online application form after making a payment of INR 1,500. Alternatively you can purchase the key (required to unlock the online application) from IMS centers, T.I.M.E centers, Great Lakes City office and the Campus.
  • What is the application fee? INR 1500.
  • Where do I get a copy of the Application form? Visit the website www.greatlakes.edu.in and fill in the online application form after making a payment of INR 1,500. You can purchase the key (required to unlock the online application)from IMS centers, T.I.M.E centers OR From Great Lakes City office and the Campus.
  • When does the application process start? There are two cycles. The first cycle begins in October and the results are announced in March. The second cycle begins in March and results are announced in April/May.
    What is the last date to apply? For the first cycle it is February 28th , For the second cycle it is March 31st (Subject to vary)
Admission Process

  • What is the range of GMAT scores for accepted students? Cut-offs would vary every year based on the pool of the applicants. Besides GMAT, Great Lakes also accepts CAT, XAT, MAT and CMAT scores for PGDM.
  • Is there a requirement of 16 years of study prior to applying? No.
  • What constitutes work experience? Full-time work experience in any government or private organization. Any entrepreneurial venture with necessary proof.
  • Is there a minimum cut off for TOEFL/IELTS/PTE test scores? There is no minimum cut-off. A TOEFL/IELTS score is required only for non-Indian students who did not have English as the primary language of instruction during their undergraduate studies.
  • Who should letters of recommendation come from?
  • Immediate supervisors or senior managers from current and past employers. However LOR is also accepted from a senior faculty/HOD/principal from the college.
  • When should I expect an invitation for an interview? After the application deadlines, shortlisted candidates will be sent an email.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status? You can write an email to admissions.pgdm@greatlakes.edu.in or call the admissions desk in the following numbers: +91-8939812000 | +91-8939813000 | +91-8939814000 | 044-30809017 / 9207.
Fees & Other Expenses

  • What is the estimated cost for the entire program for a foreign student? $30,400 all inclusive (Tuition & academic fees, accommodation, food, caution deposit).
  • What is the cost of living for the duration of the programme? Cost of living may vary on individual basis depending on the expenses made by the student for his/her recreational activities.
  • Are there other costs to be taken into consideration? If yes what? Only personal expenses of the student.
  • Are there any job opportunities on campus that can be pursued while the programme is on, to lower the overall cost impact? No such job opportunities are provided since this is a two- year full time residential program and the schedule is packed with series of activities already.
Financial Support Options for Students

  • What are the scholarship options available for the students? Currently no scholarships are offered.
  • What are the criteria for determining scholarship applications? Not Applicable.
  • What are the options of availing a loan? Great Lakes has tie-up with HDFC Credila and Avanse financial services to help students in availing a bank loan.
  • What is the amount of loan that a student is eligible for and what are the documents required? Full fee. Documents required are as per bank’s policy.
  • At what rate of interest is the loan available? What is the date from which loan repayment begins? What is the maximum period in which a loan is to be repaid? Rate of interest: As per current market interest rate. Repayment and maximum period is as per bank’s policy.
  • Does the Institute/School help in getting loan? Great Lakes only helps in connecting the selected applicants with the bank. Upon proper submission of necessary documents and verification, loan will be granted by the bank. However, the decision is purely at the discretion of the bank.
Curriculum/Faculty/Student Exchange/Hostel Accommodations
  • How many intakes in a year ? One intake. Selection happens between March and April in two cycles.
  • Size of the intake? 120.
  • What is the percent of foreign students in an average class/intake? None.
  • What are the specializations available? Marketing, Finance, International trade, Business & Strategy, Operations Management, OB & HRM, IT & Systems and Entrepreneurship.
  • What percent of the batch finds jobs within 3 months of graduation? 100 percent.
  • What is the mean starting salary of a class after graduation? Average CTC is INR 8.05 lakh per annum and Median CTC is 7.88 Lakh per annum.
  • What are the key sectors represented in recruiters for this programme? IT and BFSI.