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How do the programs that suit your academic and career goals fit your lifestyle? 

Like undergraduate programs, attending graduate business school is about so much more than academics. Your fellow students, the program culture, and school location also play a big role in your education. In fact, you will learn as much from your fellow students, with their wide range of work and diverse cultural backgrounds, as you will from faculty members. Student-run organizations, community programs, and international trips and exchanges can also greatly enhance your experience.

Once in business school, extracurricular activities can help you develop as a person and as a professional. Hear about the benefits of getting involved from Columbia Business School students Jessica Gale and Kenny Kline.

Community building programs are a great way to meet peers, network, and come together as a class. Hear from Columbia Business School students Jessica Gale and Kenny Kline about CBS Matters, a program designed to help students learn more about each other.