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How an Experiential MBA Education Can Work for You

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Jodi Detjen

What you learn in the classroom can only take you so far in an MBA program.

Jodi Detjen is Academic Director of MBA Programs, Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School

What you learn in the classroom can only take you so far in an MBA program. Employers want business school graduates with hands-on, global experience, which can be difficult to obtain while attending school full time. Choosing an MBA program that integrates experiential education into its curriculum can be key in helping you prepare for your post-MBA career, and can even provide you with a global perspective that will be an invaluable asset to you after you graduate.

Programs that focus on experiential learning immerse you in the business world as part of your program of study. 

Discussing case studies in the classroom can be beneficial, but experiential programs allow you to take that classroom knowledge and apply it directly in real-world settings through travel seminars, flash consulting projects, and in-depth discussions with top companies. 

When considering a graduate program, be sure to look into how each school prepares its students in experiencing business situations firsthand. Researching each program’s inclusion of a global business viewpoint is crucial as well. Programs that encompass international business provide a context of culture that will help open up your professional life with a broader understanding and perspective that can be applied both domestically and globally. 

Not all MBA programs are built the same, and it’s important for you to choose a program that will best fit with your learning style and prepare you for the career that lies ahead of you. As you narrow down your search, contact schools directly to gain a sense of the program’s structure and projected outcomes. Making the most out of your time in an MBA program is important, and it’s just as important to choose a program that will help you do so.