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Post Check In

After the exam taker is checked in for the appointment by the exam centre administrator, s/he will be taken to the computer where the exam taker will be seated to take the exam.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • After the welcome screen, you will be presented with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) screen. You must accept the NDA in order to proceed with the exam.
  • You must click on “Yes, I Accept” on the NDA screen to start your exam. In case you click on “No, I do not Accept” deliberately or by mistake, you will be prompted to change the option and if you still click on “No, I do not Accept”, your exam will end. You will not be able to resume the exam that day under any circumstances. Exam centre staff/online proctors will not be able to reverse the acceptance and you will lose the exam attempt and forfeit the exam fee.

Section Order Selection

  • The NMAT by GMAC™ exam allows you to select your preferred section order, which means you can choose the order of NMAT by GMAC™ exam sections to be tested on.
  • Each of the three sections has individual section timings.
  • In case you complete the section (answering) before the section time expires, any balance of time will not be added to the next section(s).
  • The next section has its own time allocation and you must complete the section in the allotted section time.

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