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Test Takers with Disabilities

Exam at the Test Centre and Online Proctored at Home

Test takers who believe they have a disability that prevents them from accessing the NMAT exam under standard conditions may request accommodations using the procedures outlined below. We will determine what supports, exam modifications, or other accommodations are reasonable and appropriate within the context of the NMAT by GMAC™ exam. All requests for accommodations must be made at the time of registration. Be sure to review our documentation guidelines and submit accommodation requests well in advance of your desired exam date to allow us sufficient time to review your materials and make appropriate arrangements for your exam.

Disabilities for which accommodations can be provided include:

  • Learning disability
  • Physical and Systemic Disabilities
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Sensory Disabilities (vision and hearing)
  • Attentional Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Others

Special arrangements that may be provided include:

  • Extra Testing Time
  • Enlarged fonts
  • Wheelchair accessibility/Allowance of wheelchair at home
  • Allowance of a medical devise in the testing room (inhaler, glucose monitor)
  • Permission to bring your own reader and/or scribe into the testing room to address visual disability (subject to our approval) and ID of approver will also be checked
  • Permission to bring your own personal care assistant (PCA) into the testing room to address physical disability (subject to our approval) and ID of approver will also be checked
  • A scribe will be allowed to assist candidates with vision impairments, however, candidates must bring their own scribe (All scribe requests must be submitted in the prescribed format for approval)
  • Others


  • Test takers who wish to request accommodations may do so as part of the online exam registration process. Test takers need to confirm their email ID before initiating their registration.
  • When registering, check “yes” when asked “Are You Differently Abled?” The test taker will then be guided through the online accommodations request process.
  • Select the appropriate disability type, accommodation you are requesting from the dropdown menu.
  • Mention the rationale for your request in no more than 250 words.
  • Scan and upload all required supporting documentation using the “Upload Documents” tab. If a visually impaired test taker is requesting permission to bring their own reader and/or scribe, they must also submit a completed Declaration by Scribe and Test Taker, Reader/Scribe Consent form and a completed Reader/Scribe Nondisclosure Agreement. If a physically disabled test taker is requesting permission to bring a Personal Care Assistant into the testing room, they must also submit a completed Declaration by Scribe and Test Taker, Personal Care Assistant consent form and a completed Personal Care Assistant Nondisclosure Agreement. It is possible to use the “Upload Documents” tab multiple times if necessary, but be sure to prepare all required information in advance and submit all materials together at one time. Applicants may also choose to submit additional information beyond what we are requesting.
  • The registration process will then remain “on hold” for roughly 15 calendar days while our accommodations experts review the accommodation request. Response time may be longer during peak application periods. We will inform the applicant of our decision using the email address the applicant entered as part of the registration process.
  • If we determine that an accommodation request can be approved, we will send the test taker an email informing them of this.
  • Once the accommodation request has been approved test taker will be able to make the payment.
  • If the test taker has selected the exam mode as:
    • Exam at the Test Centre in India – Test delivery partner personnel will contact the test taker to schedule the exam with the approved accommodations at an appropriate test center, subject to availability. If the accommodation request is not submitted to us well in advance of the test taker’s preferred test date, it is possible that our schedulers may not be able to arrange the approved accommodations within the test taker’s desired timeframe. Furthermore, not all testing centers can provide all approved accommodations. Test delivery partner personnel will be able to assist test takers in finding a test center that can provide the approved accommodations.
    • Online Proctored Exam at Home – Test taker will be able to schedule exam on their own once the accommodation request has been approved.
  • If, after reviewing an accommodation request and all supporting material, we determine that no accommodations will be needed in order to allow a test taker to access the NMAT exam, we will send the applicant an email informing them of our decision and the reasons for our decision. We will also enable the "Book Exam Slot" section of our online registration system so that the test taker can schedule a standard exam (without any accommodations) for themselves.
  • If we determine that additional information is needed to allow us to make our accommodations decision, we will send the applicant an email telling them what additional information is needed and what steps they should follow to submit this additional information.
  • If a test taker disagrees with our decision to deny their accommodations request or to give them different accommodations than they would prefer, the test taker may submit a request for reconsideration. Our decision letters will include instructions as to how test takers may do this.
  • GMGC reserves the right to make a final judgment regarding testing accommodations in accordance with requirements of the NMAT by GMAC™ exam.
  • Any test taker with a disability may not receive the required assistance at the Test centre or during an Online Proctored Exam at Home if he/she
    • Submits their accommodation request after closure of registration window
    • Does not provide sufficient supporting documentation and, if applicable, the required reader/scribe/pca forms.
    • Is determined by GMGC to be ineligible for accommodation based on the evaluation of the disability documentation provided.

No unauthorized personnel will be permitted into the testing room. Readers, scribes, and personal care assistants will ONLY be allowed in the testing room IF we have received all necessary documentation, consent forms, and nondisclosure agreements in advance, as specified above, and if we have given the test taker permission in writing to bring a specific reader, scribe, or personal care assistant with them on their exam day. Only the specific person we approve in writing will be permitted to serve as the reader, scribe, or personal care assistant, and the reader, scribe, or personal care assistant must bring government-issued photo ID on the day of the test in order to be admitted into the testing room.

Confirmation of completed registration and payment will be sent by email on the confirmed email ID only. Test takers are responsible for confirming their correct email address in our registration system, and GMGC shall not be held responsible for non-receipt of confirmation or bouncing of email.

Any test taker who provides false disability documentation shall be barred from taking the test and the test fee shall be forfeited. GMGC reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the Police authorities against such test takers.

Please contact nmatsupport@gmac.com with any questions.

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