After the GMAT™ Online Exam

Understand and Use Your GMAT™ Online Exam Score Report

The GMAT™ Online Exam measures the verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning skills that are most relevant for graduate business education.

  • The Quantitative Reasoning section tests your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills.

  • The Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to understand and evaluate what you read, as well as your ability to recognize basic conventions of standard written English.

  • The Integrated Reasoning section requires you to interpret and analyze information from different sources and in a variety of formats to solve complex reasoning tasks.

Your GMAT Score incorporates the following:

Integrated Reasoning

  • Score: 1-8
  • 12 Questions
    • Multi-Source Reasoning
    • Graphics Interpretation
    • Two-Part Analysis

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Score: 6-51
  • 31 Questions
    • Data Sufficiency
    • Problem Solving

Verbal Reasoning

  • Score: 6-51
  • 36 Questions
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Sentence Correction

Learn more about how the GMAT is scored.

GMAT™ Online Exam Official Scores

When you complete the exam, you will not receive a score immediately. Your test data will be sent to GMAC™ for scoring. After the scoring is completed, your scores are sent to you via email within 7 days of completing your exam. 

Your GMAT™ Online exam official score is valid for 5 years, giving you the flexibility to take the exam and send your GMAT™ score to schools when you are ready. When you access your Official Scores, in addition to your GMAT™ scores, your Official Score Report includes:

  • Self-reported background information, such as telephone number, undergraduate institution, grade point average (GPA), and intended graduate study
  • Percentiles for each section score and GMAT™ Total Score

Prior to taking the exam you will have selected up to five schools to receive your GMAT™ Online Official Score Reports. This service is included in your original registration.

Send Your GMAT™ Online Score to Schools

Select Five Schools to Receive Your Official Score Report

GMAC will send your Official Score Report to up to five (5) programs that you selected during the exam registration prior to the start of your GMAT Online exam. These selections can be changed at any time up to 24 hours prior to the exam time. You will also have an opportunity to send additional scores after you receive your score report. Additional Score Reports (ASRs) will be available beginning April 28. To assist you in getting your scores to your programs, GMAC has waived the ASR fee for the GMAT Online Exam.

Privacy Information Specific to Your GMAT Score Reports

GMAT scores and personally identifiable information will be released only at your specific request, except as otherwise set forth in the GMAT™ Online Exam Policies and Procedures as required by law, and as necessary to detect or prevent unlawful activity or to cooperate in a judicial or governmental proceeding.

Note: Your score record and other information in the files of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) or its service providers may be released to third parties (such as government agencies or parties to a lawsuit) if requested pursuant to a subpoena or as necessary to detect or prevent unlawful activity to protect the security and integrity of the Online? GMAT™ exam. Please review the privacy policy carefully because, you will be required to agree to the policy in order to take the GMAT™ Online exam and will be bound by it as part of the terms and conditions stated in GMAT™ Online Exam Policies and Procedures

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