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Three Ways to Optimize Your Executive Assessment Online Prep

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Prep smarter, not harder! Maximize the effectiveness of your Executive Assessment Online prep with these three resources.

You’re busy, and with everything going on in the world right now finding the time and energy to pull together a winning business school application may feel especially challenging. Luckily, the Executive Assessment was designed specifically for busy, experienced professionals like you. It offers the convenience and flexibility you deserve and values the knowledge and real-world experience you bring to the table.

What’s more, the assessment has been adapted to a new online format during the pandemic, so you can meet upcoming application deadlines and stand out to executive MBA and part-time MBA programs in the admissions process.

How much time do you need for Executive Assessment Online prep?

The Executive Assessment was designed specifically to require minimal preparation, but you should plan to put in enough prep time to feel comfortable on your test day. On average, examinees put in between 21 and 30 hours of prep time before their assessment.

The question is: how do you maximize the effectiveness of your Executive Assessment Online prep when your time is limited? Leverage these three resources from the makers of the assessment to get the most out of your prep time and increase your confidence as your assessment day approaches.

1. Develop a whiteboard strategy and get comfortable with the online whiteboard

During your Executive Assessment Online prep, you will have the opportunity to use a physical whiteboard, online whiteboard, or both for scratch work and note taking. As you prepare for your assessment, think about which option works best for you in for different sections of the assessment.

For example, after putting in some prep time you may find the physical whiteboard is your go-to option for Quant scratch work, but you may prefer to leverage the online whiteboard’s ability to type out notes for the Verbal section. Getting comfortable with knowing when to use each tool will give you confidence going into your testing appointment.

To help you get familiar with the online whiteboard, the makers of the Executive Assessment created a practice tool that has all the same functionality as the version you’ll use on assessment day. In the time leading up to your testing appointment, you’ll want to put in some prep with the practice tool to be sure you’ll be ready when it counts. Try it out now!

Online Whiteboard Practice

2. Get started with the free Executive Assessment Questions Sampler

The Executive Assessment Online has the same Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning sections as the test center-based exam—with the same number of questions and amount of time for completion.

Read more about how the assessment is structured.

A great place to begin your prep is with the Executive Assessment Questions Sampler. Use the sampler to get familiar with the variety and structure of the question types you could see on assessment day. It includes nine total questions for you to practice across Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning, and includes full answer explanations.

Create an account and get free access the sampler for two weeks!

EA Questions Sampler

3. Get serious with Executive Assessment Official Prep

Once you’re familiar with the question types, it’s time to dig in and practice the actual assessment experience. Now that the Executive Assessment has moved online, this has both never been easier and never been more important, allowing you to prep like it’s the real thing.

It’s easier in the sense that you can do a practice exam on the same computer in the same space you’ll do it on your testing day. It’s more important because some of the new tools and policies of the online exam require some practice to get comfortable with. Consider doing a full assessment practice exam in the space where you’ll do the real thing.

For those who want the most complete official prep offering (and the greatest value), the obvious choice is the Official Practice Premium Collection. In one discounted collection, this package includes:

  • Four full length, adaptive assessments that match the actual Executive Assessment experience, including Total Score and Section Score results (take them as many times as you want!)
  • 300 practice questions with full answer explanations (100 in each section: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, and Quantitative)
  • 50 additional Integrated Reasoning questions with full answer explanations

Executive Assessment Official Prep

The Executive Assessment is accepted by nearly 100 top executive MBA and part-time MBA programs globally

Now accepted at nearly 100 top business schools, the Executive Assessment is the preferred admissions testing option for busy, experienced professionals like you who are pursuing executive MBA and part-time MBA programs and who want an assessment that fits both your priorities and your experience.

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