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GMAT™ Examinee Spotlight: Kerone Wint

Name: Kerone Wint
Undergraduate university: University of the West Indies, Mona
Program Enrolled/Business school attending: Wharton Healthcare Management

What’s your background?

Kerone Wint, Wharton

I was born and raised in Jamaica, went to undergrad at the University of the West Indies to become a first-generation college graduate and medical doctor, and afterwards served the people of my country through our public health system. For the past 6 years, I have been working in a Plastic and Reconstructive Unit that operates at the Kingston Public, Bustamante Children’s, and National Chest Hospitals, where we receive island wide referrals and focus on serving persons with disfiguring cancers, burn victims, and persons with significant trauma.

How did your GMAT journey begin?

My GMAT journey began May 2021. For the past year death felt very tangible; I had to confront both my father’s journey with cancer and the COVID plague. This made me deeply introspect on what I wanted most out of life if I had limited time. I wanted to mitigate the health inequity I had witnessed for the past 8 years and thought entrepreneurship was the most efficient way to do so. I never considered an MBA up to this point but by reverse engineering my vision I realized that an MBA at a top US program would be an effective step in the direction of my moonshot goal.

At this point I was confronted with the GMAT, and didn't know anyone that had done it. As a result, I decided to first start with materials from GMAC. I first did a GMAC official practice exam to experience the exam’s format then went on to doing their advanced questions to experience the exam’s limit of difficulty. Needless to say, I was shocked, but somehow remained hopeful.

Between the surgeries, COVID duties, and surviving COVID I was somehow able to muster a 700+ score. The method that I believe helped me was: breaking the exam into its fundamental components, batching the medium and hard questions by those components and doing them under time constraints, and focusing on my weak areas. I also thought of my development through the pillars of acquiring knowledge, refining efficient skills and strategies, and exposing pitfall heuristics.

What additional resources did you tap into on your journey?

I used Magoosh, Target Test Prep, and GMAT Club.

What were your admissions outcomes?

I applied for 5 (4 M7s, 1 T-10), was interviewed by 3 (2 M7s, 1 T-10), and was accepted by 3.

What advice would you give to others?

  • Find a community to support you through the process. Try to connect with other fellow applicants and candidates at your target business school that would resonate with some aspect of your story.
  • Don’t self-select out of your dream schools. I almost did in the beginning for all the schools I eventually applied to.
  • Frame the application process as a self-development tool. The GMAT helps refine valuable skills that you will use in business school and beyond. The business school essays, with the help of consulting your loved ones, give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself through deep introspection of your life up to that point.

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