Alumni Profile: Kathleen Madaras

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When leading an association, expect lots of research and long hours.

Kathleen Madaras

Kathleen Madaras
Associate Director
Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey
New Jersey, USA

I act as an advocate for the people I represent by proposing legislation, having legislation amended, and keeping the association apprised of any new laws and/or regulations that will impact our industry.


  • MBA, Seton Hall University, 2007
  • Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Kean University, 1993

Words of Advice for This Career…
Enjoy research, long hours, and an unpredictable schedule.

… And on Choosing an MBA Program
Find a school that fits your personality. If you are not sure, look at the mission statement—if you agree with it, then it is probably the school for you.

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