Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Official GMATCH Online Fair

Jan 1, 0001

The Official GMATCH Online Fair, coming September 10 and 11, offers you a chance to interact with representatives from more than 85 of the world’s top business schools from the comfort of your computer or tablet screen. The fair, like live events in convention halls, will feature exhibit booths, auditorium presentations, and a live-chat lounge for networking.

The platform is online, but the opportunities are real.

GMATCH is free to potential students and offers many of the benefits of a live fair without the time and expense of having to travel to get there. And like a live fair, GMATCH allows you to attend as much or as little as you wish – so it’s up to you to decide how to approach the fair. Here are five tips for getting the most from GMATCH:

  1. Before the event, check to see which schools are participating and check out the websites of those you’re interested in. GMATCH will be held six hours a day on September 10 and 11, at very different hours each day so it’s convenient for people in different time zones around the globe. Use the time you have at GMATCH wisely to ask school representatives for information that’s not available on their websites.
  2. Register for GMATCH with the exact name and contact information you will use throughout the admissions process so you can track your interactions with schools, and they can track their interactions with you. If you use different names and email addresses in your interactions with schools, they won’t have an accurate record of your interactions or interest in their programs.
  3. Be professional from the moment you register for GMATCH. Your email address will be visible to school representatives, so make sure they are appropriate for professional use or at least benign. Likewise, if you have a photo on your email profile, it will be visible on any email correspondence you send from that address, so you’ll want it to be appropriate.
  4. Be prepared to put your best foot forward. Update your resume so you are prepared to attach it to your profile at the event and send it with ease to participating schools. During the event, having informed questions and using proper spelling and grammar will help you make a good impression on admissions professionals.
  5. Take advantage of auditorium sessions to find out more about the GMAT and test prep, talk to current students, and explore programs. This year’s GMATCH will be available 24/7/365, which means the online environment will remain accessible for a year after the event, and you can get the downloadable materials, recordings from the auditorium presentations, and any updates that participating schools may provide. You can sign up for email updates to find out when schools have refreshed content in the online environment.

Registration for GMATCH is open at You can check back between now and the event as schools are added to the list. And if you have any questions about GMATCH, you can also email