Does That Really Matter?

Apr 2, 2013
Tags: School Selection

Tiffany NelsonSubmitted by Tiffany Nelson, Associate Director of Recruiting, Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

The admissions process is more than the application itself. It is several months of interactions with various members of the organization which include admissions officers, staff, current students, alumni and many others. These interactions can be over the phone, by email, meeting at a fair, attending an information session/open house event, and during the admissions interview. Admissions officers believe in developing relationships with prospective applicants. This is a means by which to understand exactly what you as the applicant are looking for and to ensure fit with the university. These interactions are an important piece of the admissions process that should not be overlooked. That is why it is vitally important to remember that ALL interactions matter. 

Below are a few things to be mindful of as you proceed through the admissions process:

  1. Always be professional. From the initial inquiry to the admitted student reception it is expected that prospective students, applicants and admitted students interact with members of the university in an appropriate and most importantly professional manner. This is Business School after all and practice makes perfect.
  2. Communication is key. Your essays are not the only means for Admissions Committees to assess communication skills. Remember to always spell check, proofread and use proper grammar. Yes, this includes emails. Never should you use text speak, “lol”, “thx” or emoticons should not be used. When calling the admissions office have your notes or issues written down. A great technique is to smile while speaking on the phone you so that you will sound happy even if you’re not.
  3. Meet a member of the Admissions Committee. If there is an opportunity to meet members of the Admissions Committee you should make every effort to do so. I encourage you to attend one event such as an open house, information session or webinar. Remember, it’s about building relationships and becoming more than the application.
At Robinson we provide many opportunities for prospective students to interact with the Admissions Committee. We host several Open House events, information sessions and webinars throughout the year. We look forward to meeting every prospective student and applicant to our programs.

I wish you all the best!