You have been accepted to more than one MBA program. Now how do you choose?

Jun 13, 2011
Tags: Choosing the Right School, School Selection

Written by Gail DePriest, Director Corporate Relations & Leadership Development, Clemson MBA, Clemson at the Falls

First of all, congratulations on your decision to get an MBA!  Here are two key areas to think about:  will the program meet your overall learning objectives, and will it provide the support you need for achieving career success? 

Investing time at each institution will help you make your best decision.  In addition to your discussions with the Director of Admissions, I would suggest that you interview:

  • The Dean, Associate Dean or MBA Director (depending on the size of the program.)  They can give you the history of the program as well as the current direction in terms of special areas study and emphasis. You want to find out what makes this MBA unique. What makes their graduates stand out?
  • The Director of Career Services can tell you about corporate connections and networking opportunities. Is there a career management class? What corporations hire from this program? If you are going to be a working professional, what kind of career support will be available to you in meeting your career goals? At the Clemson MBA we work diligently to know each student and create networking opportunities and job leads tailored to the individual. We also hold an annual MBA Networking Forum with key employers. We have a  monthly speaker series and incorporate subject matter experts into many classes throughout the year.
  • Graduates of the program will give you the “skinny” on the program. They are a great resource to begin networking even before you arrive.
  • The Director of Student Experience will show you the facilities and introduce you to other students with similar backgrounds and interests. He/she can arrange for you to meet professors and observe classes. Students don’t always take advantage of these valuable resources.
If you are going to invest the next year or two with an MBA program, you want the best ROI and hopefully an enjoyable culture.  Just like any corporation, every school has a personality. Compare your special goals and interests with what is being offered and supported in the program. The time you invest will be worth it. 

All the best, and may you enjoy your journey to earning your MBA.