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Ten Tips for Standing Out in a Group Interview

Apr 14, 2015
Tags: Admissions Process, Applications, MBA

A group MBA admissions interview, or discussion, is all about interpersonal skills. Knowing how and when to present your ideas as well as understanding the ins and outs of the group dynamic will help you emerge as a leader.
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Three Tips for Creating a Memorable MBA Application Essay

Jan 20, 2015
Tags: Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements, B-School, School Selection

Three simple steps you can take to ensure your MBA application essay is noticed and gives your whole application a boost.
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Build Your MBA Network Before Business School

Apr 8, 2014
Tags: Admissions Process, Applications

You should build relationships all the time, not just when you are actively seeking a job or internship. Cultivating your MBA network before you submit your applications can help you strengthen your MBA candidacy and improve your MBA internship and job prospects.
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