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Getting ready for business school involves some big lifestyle decisions about working while studying, internships, and making sure you hit the ground running in the classroom.

Hearing Back from Schools

Whether you’re accepted, wait-listed, or denied, our game plan will keep you organized and focused on the future.

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Meeting Enrollment Requirements

Once you enroll in a graduate business program, you still have some work to do. Revisit the school’s enrollment requirements to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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Dealing with Change

Whether you have a family, spouse, or partner, your life will undergo big changes after enrolling in graduate business school.

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To Work or Not to Work?

If you’re a typical graduate business school candidate, you already have a job. Here’s what to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to work during school.

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Consider a Graduate Business Internship

Because an internship can be critical to shaping your career path, here is our advice on how to choose the right internship for you.

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Robert Chabot

Transitioning to Your Program

Want to know what it takes to smooth the transition into your MBA or Specialized Master’s program? Get thoughtful, actionable advice from these admissions professionals.

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