GMAT™ Online Exam Preparation and Whiteboard Options

What are the workspace requirements to take the online exam?

You can test at home or in your office. Wherever you test, you should be in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions. No one else is permitted in the room with you while you are testing. Please review the workspace requirements and the system requirements

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What does the OnVUE System Test Check?

The OnVUE system test process is a helpful tool to verify that the microphone is working, there is an internet connection, and the webcam can stream video.  Please note, this quick system test does not verify that your computer and internet connection meet the requirements documented in the System Requirements found here.  It is important to review the system requirements to help ensure successful exam delivery.

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How do I prepare for the exam? Does it require any special prep materials?

The GMAT™ Online exam has the same test content and structure (omitting the AWA section) as the GMAT delivered in test centers. If you have been preparing to take the GMAT exam in person you can feel confident in continuing your online practice with the GMAT Official Practice materials, as that preparation is fully relevant to the online, proctored experience. 

We also highly recommend you practice using our online whiteboard practice tool to familiarize yourself with how the online whiteboard works and get comfortable using it for scratch work.

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What are the requirements for the physical whiteboard?

You will be allowed the option to use 1 erasable whiteboard that is no larger than 12 inches x 20 inches (30 cm x 50 cm), up to 2 dry erase markers, and 1 dry erase whiteboard eraser during your exam session. 

The following items are NOT allowed*:

Whiteboards with grids or other markings
Whiteboards with background colors
Pen / Pencil
Permanent Marker
Tissues, Paper Towels, Napkins
Whiteboard cleaning spray
Paper in a clear slide
Boogie Boards
Writing Tablets

*These are some examples of prohibited items, not a comprehensive list

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What are the rules and policies for using a physical whiteboard?

During check-in, the proctor may scan your workstation and work area / environment. If your physical whiteboard is too large your proctor will ask you to remove it from the work area

During your exam, you will be asked to completely erase your whiteboard and show the front and back of your blank whiteboard to the camera at three points:
Before the exam begins
Before the optional break begins (if you choose to take the break)
Before the exam ends

Follow the instructions on the screen to show your blank whiteboard to the camera. Note that there will be no acknowledgement from the proctor, but the showing of your blank whiteboard to the camera will be recorded on video and will be reviewed by exam and test security administrators if needed. 

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Can I still use the online whiteboard?

Yes, the online whiteboard feature will still be available – you have the option and the flexibility to use either the online whiteboard, or a physical whiteboard, or both, while taking your exam.

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How does the online whiteboard work?

During your GMAT™ Online exam you will have access to an online whiteboard to work through equations, use for scratch work, and take notes on.  Unlike a physical whiteboard you will have almost an endless canvass to work on, so there is no need to erase your work as you move through your exam. You will be able to access an online whiteboard during each section of the exam by clicking the icon that says "Whiteboard" at the top of your screen. With the online whiteboard you will be able to:

• Write out equations or text or use it for scratch work
• Enter text via the text box
• Draw shapes and lines
• Pan across the whiteboard, and zoom in and out, to use different areas to do your work on the same whiteboard screen
• Erase or clear to start something new – remember your work will be accessible in every section during your entire exam
• Resize or move the whiteboard around your screen

Please note: if you have a touchscreen laptop, you may not use a stylus, your finger, or other writing apparatus to write on the whiteboard. The online whiteboard cannot be used with a connected writing tablet or pad, nor can you use dual monitors for taking the exam and accessing the whiteboard.

Learn more about how the online whiteboard works, or practice using the online whiteboard.

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Can I practice using the online whiteboard with GMAT Official Practice Exams?

Yes, you can practice using the online whiteboard with any of the six GMAT Official Practice Exams.

There are minor cosmetic differences to account for the different platforms, including the background colors and some restrictions in the ability to resize horizontally in the version in the practice exams. 

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Will I be able to save scratch work that I do on the online whiteboard during my practice exam?

No, the scratch work is not saved in the database. As soon an exam is completed the online whiteboard is reset for next Practice Exam.

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Is the online whiteboard feature available for all users?

Yes, the online whiteboard feature is available to all users of GMAT Official Practice exams. You do not need to do anything to enable access to the feature.

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Where can I get a physical erasable whiteboard?

You can purchase a physical erasable whiteboard that meets the required specifications, an erasable marker, and a whiteboard eraser from any online or in-person retailers accessible to you. Please be mindful of shipping times during this situation.

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What official products include the online whiteboard feature?

All six of our GMAT Official Practice Exams now include the online whiteboard practice feature, which will enable you to simulate using the online whiteboard as part of your practice for an actual exam. We are working to add the online whiteboard feature to our practice question sets as well.

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