Palm Vein Recognition

What can I expect at the Testing Center, and how will my vein pattern be used?

You will have your palm vein patterns recorded when you arrive at the testing center to take the GMAT exam. Your pattern will be matched when you return to the testing room after a break. Your palm vein patterns will also be compared with those of other test takers to allow Pearson VUE to find people who may have tested under multiple names or identities.

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What security measures does GMAC take with my palm vein pattern to ensure my privacy?

Your privacy is protected in several ways. When the reader scans your palm, the information about the vein patterns is stored as a digital template. After you finish taking your exam, the template is sent via encrypted transmission with your test results to Pearson VUE. Your vein pattern template is stored separately from other information about you in the system. Your vein pattern template is not disclosed outside of GMAC and Pearson VUE, except as required to prevent illegal activity and detect fraud. While schools you have selected to receive your GMAT score may elect to receive a copy of your digital photograph with your test score, they do not receive your signature or your palm vein pattern template. 

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