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Study Abroad to Be a More Desirable Candidate

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How will a degree abroad support my career in my home country?

According to Makarand Parulkar, Director, Bond Business School, Bond University, by studying and working abroad you prove to the employer that you have gained skills, flexibility, and a global network that will support your work. You're a more desirable candidate. 

Full Video Transcript

What you are proving to the employer when you study abroad is the fact that, A, you have networks in a global setting. You are flexible enough. You have learned the language, perhaps. You have gone internationally and picked up a skill. You have experienced what it is and from an industry perspective to have, perhaps, in an internship worked with industry in an international setting, all of which is relevant when it comes to doing business in today's day and age. And so, when you come back home, the employers now find that you have a background in the local setting because you're a local. At the same time, you now can relate to an international audience, which then increases, improves your chances of getting a job compared to a peer who just has a local qualification.