A Strong GMAT Score Paves the Way to an MBA

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We sat down to chat with Willamette University MBA graduate Una Japundza to discuss her journey to an MBA, her b-school experience, and how she tackled the GMAT exam. Read on to learn how this aspiring entrepreneur applies heart and commitment to achieve her dreams.

Una Japunza

Business School: Atkinson Graduate School of Management

Dream career: Entrepreneur

Advice for other b-school hopefuls: “Make sure your heart is in it. You will have to make sacrifices along the way, but your personal development and the friends you make will be worth it."

How did you achieve the GMAT score needed for your MBA program?

Commitment! You have to be committed to what you’re doing—and remember why you’re doing it. I woke up early each day and studied for my GMAT exam before I went to class and/or work. Then, I studied again later in the evening. Making my own schedule helped me be more dedicated—I didn’t want to disappoint myself, and I didn’t let myself fall behind because I knew how important getting an MBA was to me.

What was the study plan you used to get a good GMAT score?

I budgeted two hours a day to study for the GMAT, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

How did you succeed on test day?

I think the day before your GMAT exam is just as important as the actual test day. The day before mine, I reviewed my notes, studied a little bit, and got to bed early. Getting plenty of sleep helped me feel relaxed and confident. On the way to my GMAT exam, I calmed my pre-test nerves by listening to a song that made me feel like I was on top of the world!

How did you make the most out of your MBA experience?

Come in with an open mind, you might know exactly what you want to get out of business school, which is great, but there will be a lot of opportunities along the way that you will want to take advantage of.

Why did you decide to get an MBA?

I had big dreams! I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur, to start my own company, and become a published author. But I also knew that I lacked industry knowledge, specifically in investment management. I needed a degree that was versatile but would still challenge me in those business-related fields, so I chose an MBA.

Why was getting an MBA the right decision for you?

I attended Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for my undergraduate studies and I majored in business management. I wanted to build on the foundation I’d established, but I also wanted a degree that would allow me to travel and was easily transferable across borders. It was also important that the knowledge I gained would be applicable for years to come, regardless of the changes our global economy undergoes in the foreseeable future. Getting an MBA checked all these boxes for me.

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